Staying cool at night can be tricky, especially if you share a bed with someone who loves to be wrapped up warm. However, did you know that your mattress can actually help you keep cool? Nowadays, you can find lots of new and advanced mattresses with cooling technology. As you seek the best cooling mattress to help with banishing body heat, there are plenty of factors to consider. So, keep reading to find out which mattresses can help you get the perfect night’s sleep.

Memory Foam

If you need a mattress that provides you full support and like the contouring of memory foam, you may think it’s impossible to keep cool. However, new technologies have allowed it to become better at regulating your body temperature. You can find memory foam mattresses that have a top layer of cooling gel particles that provides you with a chilly sensation when laying on them. They also have better air circulation which is essential in keeping you cold at night. Typically, people feel hot because there isn’t enough fresh air circulating, so their body temperature increases. Opting for a memory foam mattress with cooling technologies, not only provides you with the fresh feeling of the gels, but they also help to keep the air moving and regulate your body temperature.

Pocket Springs And Natural Fillings

Spring mattresses can actually provide you with cooling technology too. Air vents have been placed at their sides to help flush cool air up and through the mattress, helping keep its overall temperature down. Natural fillings are typically used in these beds such as wool and cashmere. These are brilliant at dispelling heat and keeping it away from your body. The coils in these mattresses are sometimes layered as well to help increase the airflow. Some spring mattresses have used a eucalyptus-derived material, bringing you a menthol feeling to your mattress which allows you to stay cool all night long.

Comfy Toppers

If you want maximum comfort, you might prefer your mattresses to have a luxurious topper as well. But adding a separate one on top can actually trap the air that’s trying to ventilate throughout, making you hotter. However, you can get cooling mattresses that actually incorporate the latest cooling technologies and give you the topper you want. These mattresses are equipped with a breathable topper that helps to keep moisture, sweat, and heat away from your body to ensure you stay nice and cool.


If you want the best of both worlds, why not go for a hybrid mattress? Combining pocket springs and foam or latex, these mattresses can be ideal for hot sleepers. The pocket springs allow the most ventilation, keeping the air cycling through it, and the advanced technologies of foam can be added on top to create the ideal cool mattress. Opting for a hybrid mattress can be great if you want to still receive the incredible support that foam can provide, but you still want the ventilation of pocket springs.

Mattresses have come on in leaps and bounds over the years, with companies creating specialised cooling ones to help hot sleepers. You no longer have to suffer through the night and wake up in a hot sweat. Investing in the latest cooling mattresses can help keep your body at the right temperature and really improve your quality of sleep.