Many of us find solace through music and many of us find solace when we meditate. What would happen if we combined the two? Does it help? Well, yes, it can.

Music has a great power to make us feel. Whether it’s the latest pop song you can’t hear enough or an oldie that takes you back to a time in your life, there is no denying music can evoke emotions.

You may hardly notice certain types of music playing in the background in the movie of your everyday life, but it’s often there. It’s no mistake, or just a random piece of music, either.

If you are in a crowded store trying to finish your shopping, there may be some calming, soft music playing in the background. This is meant to relax you and to produce happy feelings to the shoppers, maybe even in an attempt to keep you there longer.

Music for Meditation

There is no shortage of music made just for meditation. It is important for you to pick something that you really like. It should be instrumental, no lyrics, and as soothing as possible.

Some music designated for meditation may not actually soothe you, at all. It may have an Indian theme, some type of chanting or an instrument you don’t really like.

Music can really help calm you, as meditation is really about calming and focusing the mind. The right type of music will help you achieve that goal.

Music can also work as a mask, to cover any background noise you are unable to block out. Traffic, a lawn mower, cal alarms, kids, you may find this particularly hard to block out when you first begin meditating.

The piece you choose should be used regularly, in particular of you find it really helpful. The music will become calming, familiar and welcome. Certain passages will help you in focusing your mind, and help bring out your inner peace.

You can take your meditation music with you, if you like to meditate while on a break at work, on your lunch break or travelling or riding on public transit. It’s a great way to drown out the background noise and help you focus.

The music will become familiar and will be a powerful tool and reminder even when you are not in meditative state. Just listening to it can bring you peace and joy.

You can also use the music you listen to while meditating to fall asleep. Just have it playing softly in the background will bring back the calming sensation and help you drift off faster and sleep deeper.

If you are meditating somewhere where there are others in the area, you can choose to use headphones. This tends to bring the music closer to you and also cuts off any of the other distractions that may be happening in the household.

Meditate without Music

The music may not be helpful for everyone and you will need to try it out to know, for sure. It may be a distraction for you or even cause irritation, which is the opposite of what we are aiming for.

There are other types of sounds, like whales, sounds of water or just ambient sounds for nature and white noise. You may find these more helpful.

Depending on what you wish to achieve from your meditation, will depend on whether you need extra sounds. It certainly won’t be for everyone, and if you are trying to achieve deep meditation, the music or background noise may well prove to be an interference.

Just Relax

The bottom line is that you are meditating to better yourself. Meditation can help with so many areas of your life, and the best part about it, it is completely yours.

You get to decide when you do it, how you do it, the time, the place and the benefits are all for you, and those close to you in your life will notice, as well.

If you are someone who finds a great deal of peace and solace from music, then try it while you meditate. It might make a huge difference in how you meditate and increase the outcomes to are aiming for.