What seemed like a hobby when she was little has now turned into her dream job. “Ever since I was a girl, I would do runway shows and was in an academy here in Medellín. I always knew I loved the world of modeling, but I’ve only been a professional model for the past two and a half years.” To make this important decision, Susana quit some jobs she had at the time that, according to her, did not make her happy.

“I’ll never forget it; one day I was with a friend, and I told her that I wanted to pursue modeling. She had contacts with several agencies, so I spoke to the managers, and everything fell into place; even before signing the contract, they already had work for me.” The confidence Susana had gained since childhood allowed her to showcase her abilities from her very first professional modeling campaign.

As if that weren’t enough, Susana is in her sixth semester of studying advertising. Although her time is very limited, she has made an effort to devote time to each of her passions. “It has been a bit complicated to complete my degree because of time constraints, but I feel I can’t put it aside. I’m passionate about advertising, and I genuinely enjoy studying.”

As a result, Susana has turned her social media accounts into a channel not only for connecting with people who admire her but also for establishing business relationships with the brands that support her or help her achieve her dreams as a professional model.

“Doubting yourself while others are frightened by your potential” – this is how the young model highlights the importance of having personality and confidence in everything you do. She wants to share this message not only with the models close to her but also with women who wish to enter the world of modeling.

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Photos: @cvrphoto

Agency: @lmcmodels