We regularly like to provide a biography and review the work of an artist to help you find new ones to love and support. Today we are putting the spotlight on the photographer extraordinaire, Swiss-born Florian Borgeat.

Florian Borgeat has 30 years of experience in photography. He mainly focuses on portraits, however his impressive career started in a skiing town in Switzerland where he began capturing action shots of professional skiers and snowboarders. Some of his shots appeared in major publications such as Bon-A-Savoir and Neue Zurcher Zeitung. The sport photography provided him with keen technical skills that are now second nature to him, which allowed him to develop what is now his most unique skill, the way he connects with his model.

Upon first look at his photographs, you may notice the way the individuals in them are at ease and comfortable. The photographs are not candids, rather Florian masterfully works with his subjects by talking to them as though they are already his closest friends and confidants. This increases their trust in him so he can capture them in their most relaxed state of being, which makes his images more riveting.

He inherits his insightful eye and excellent command of photographic composition from the great photographers and painters of the past. He acknowledges being especially impressed by photographers such as Michel Comte, Christian Coigny or Peter Lindbergh.

Although a photographer is by nature of his job acting not only as an artist but as a project manager or the “CEO of the shot”, Florian always knows how to make the process as organic as possible, letting his subject focus on what is eventually the ultimate goal, being themselves.

Some notable subjects in his portraits include Grammy Award-Winning musician Philip Bynoe, NBC’s “The Voice” drummer Nate Morton, and former Miss Philippines Krista Kleiner. His photographs capture the magic in the moment, whether it’s his live music shots, action sports shots, or the high-end portraits. Those people recognize that Florian has a unique gift for seeing them and subtly showing their inner and sometimes secretive worlds.

Always learning and exploring, Florian is now at the forefront of a new form of photography, using new tools to shoot subjects remotely, by connecting the photographer to the model’s phone camera. This technology came as a result of the recent changes brought on by the pandemic, but it is also offering a new way to explore people’s intimacy and the human soul. Since Florian’s mission is to share and discover the authentic beauty inherent to each of us, he’s now part of a selected few pioneering this technique, which will most probably evolve in its own genre in the near future, not replacing the traditional medium but complementing it.

Florian resides partially in Switzerland and Los Angeles and is always happy to travel, in person or via the magic of the Internet. More information at https://linktr.ee/florianpix