NOW PR AGENCY  in Los Angeles, CA has established itself from it’s conception as a premier PR firm. With an array of global clients with reach on nearly every continent, they have set themselves apart in this worldly sense. The services offered by NOW PR aid in the elevation of our clients in ways that are both innovative and modern. Being sure to encapsulate the aesthetics and goals of each and producing a more established connection between brands and the masses. Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands alike are all on the NOW roster, highlighting the range of expertise that comes with the agency. The agency helps brands to tell their story and stand out in this fast-paced and competitive industry, taking immense pride in their brands and the work they do. 

Founded five years ago by a power woman Tash Greizen, the agency is the brainchild of a businesswoman who understands the importance of the face behind the brand. Tash’s knowledge as a jewelry brand herself, gave her the tools necessary to jumpstart a unique take on PR as a designer and creative. Her background allows her portray a story surrounding all aspects of a brand, not just the product that is being pushed. NOW PR’s tight knit team supports the business with an efficient prowess, consistently providing the individual needs of every client. Creativity is one of the main characteristics of the team, making for an innovative approach to publicity that emphasizes the elements of fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, and global events. 

With two offices (Los Angeles and Las Vegas) and an extended global network, NOW PR links the industry and the global market, embracing different styles and ideas and sharing it globally has become a major factor in their success. NOW PR is an innovative, creative and global power that utilizes their extensive knowledge and media connections to drive the conversation for their clients. NOW PR is a thriving communications agency with plans of expanding to Paris is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

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