Whether you’re heading off on the trip of a lifetime either here in the US or further afield, one thing’s for sure: you won’t forget your experiences in a hurry. From road trips with all your buddies to long conversations around the campfire on a hiking holiday, memories are just waiting to be made. However, it helps to have some kit in place to prevent memories from fading over time. Taking along a video camera and turning your footage into a neat video is a great way to do this, and it means that you’ll always have something to look back on.

Something to show

At its most simple, a video of a trip is something that you can show mom and dad once you get home and they ask you a hundred questions about what you got up to while you were away. However, if you’re worried that people might be a little bored by an entire camera roll’s worth of footage, then you can always jazz it up by adding smooth animations, overlaid maps explaining where you went, or text lists that detail an itinerary. This can be done with explainer video software, which is easy to use, so it won’t be a time drag.

Memories for decades

When you ask an older person what their best life memories are, they’ll often bring up a specific holiday or trip they went on back when they were young and sprightly. It may have been a honeymoon, for example, or a trip away for spring break with friends. While their own memories of the holiday are usually still sharp, many people regret not having more images to look back on.

Creating a video of a trip, then, can be seen as an investment in your future memory bank: you’ll be ensuring that you won’t ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t bring to mind exactly what that amazing beachfront or breathtaking mountain looked like, because you’ll have it all right there ready to watch whenever you please.

Advice for others

Whether you’re an East Coast resident heading for a California road trip or you’re heading abroad to a typical backpacker destination such as Southeast Asia, it’s more than likely that you’ll find yourself besieged by questions about what you did and where you went once you get back home. People are always on the lookout for travel tips, especially in a globalized world where transport options are cheap and plentiful. By having a video of your travels on hand (or even published on the internet), you’ll always have a resource that you can point your questioners towards when they ask – so you can inspire others while also saving time yourself.

Going on the trip of a lifetime is something that everyone should do, and not least because it’s something that will stick in your mind for a long time to come – and what better way is there to make sure that you remember every last detail than by videoing the experience and preserving it in a video diary, vlog or other moving media format?