You’ve found your dream home, you’ve signed all the papers, and now the big moving day is approaching quickly. This should be the easy part, right? The reality is whether you’re moving to Sydney or down the street, moving is stressful and complicated.

That’s why we put together this checklist. Finally, you can make sure your move is as smooth as possible. Print this checklist and take it with you to stay on-top of your move every step of the way.

Two Months Before Your Move

This is when the planning process should start. Now’s the time to start getting organized so everything else runs smoothly.

  • Create a moving binder. A moving binder will keep everything organized. This is where you store all information about your moving companies, new home, and beyond.
  • Start collecting boxes. You can begin to store some of your lesser-used things, like valuables.
  • Track your inventory. Do a room-by-room inventory of all of your items in your house and take photos.
  • Research moving companies – Get quotes from local moving companies and look into rates for a moving truck if you need one.
  • Donate your belongings. Donate or sell anything you don’t need to take with you.

One Month Before Your Move

Now that you’re inching closer to your move, it’s time to get started on some of the bigger packing chores that come with your move.

  • Choose your moving company. If you need a moving company or a truck rental, now’s the time to make this reservation and sign any contracts. Remember to store this information in your moving binder.
  • Plan for your new home. Create a list of the rooms in your new home, complete with measurements and everything you might need in this new space.
  • Buy any packing supplies. If you haven’t collected any packing supplies by now, purchase the right packing supplies like boxes, crates, bins, and packing tape.
  • Contact your utility providers. Talk to your providers about setting your move date and transferring service.
  • Begin packing. It might feel early, but this is the right time to start packing.

One Week Before

The clock is ticking. Now that you’re in the final stretch, here are the last things to do in preparation for your move.

  • Pack suitcases for your family. Make sure everyone in your family has a suitcase or bag filled with must-have items for a few days before and after the move.
  • Clean empty rooms. Go through empty rooms as you pack and begin deep cleaning them.
  • Collect keys and access cards. You’ll need to hand these to the new owners, your agent, or your landlord when you move out.
  • Prepare cleaning supplies. Add some cleaning supplies and basics to a small bag to take with you into your new home. This should be easy to access.
  • Finish packing. Pack your most frequently used items last.

Moving Day

It’s the big day. Luckily, you did everything right to prepare for your moving day, so it should all run smoothly.

  • Double check the truck. Make sure the right moving company has shown up on moving day, and keep your inventory list close. Keep copies of all documents for your moving binder.
  • Do your final walkthrough. Once you move in, do the final walkthrough to make sure everything is in working order.
  • Check your utilities. Make sure they’re working properly.
  • Change your locks and security systems. Ensure your new home is secure.

That’s all there is to it. It might seem like a lot to handle, but that’s why you’ll start a few months in advance. The earlier you start preparing for your move, the less stressful the process will be.

Are you moving any time soon? Make sure you keep this to-do list handy. You don’t want to forget anything important during this stressful time.