Something Useful in Black Grey Brown


This 100% Cotton canvas and wool bag from Something Useful will change your entire look from office-drab to sexy stud. Take this with you to your job and the ladies will go nuts! You’ll be surprised at how many women want to touch your straps and check out your pockets. That’s because this bag comes complete with an adjustable strap (up to 58 inches long!) It also has a side phone holder slot.

Elise Dignified Rose Gold Bracelet


This 14k Rose Gold plated bracelet from Cate & Chloe includes a beautiful row of black stones that create a chic, modern and memorable piece. The clear stones add a perfect balance to a dainty yet dignified look.

The InstaShiatsu Plus Massager


Is the winter weather leaving you wishing you had someone to keep you warm at night?

Wrap the InstaShiatsu Plus ($140) around you to experience a spa-like massage with custom heat settings, adjustable pressure and circular shiatsu-style massagers. The cordless device with an internally rechargeable battery holds enough power for 2 hours of use per session, and provides immediate relief and relaxation that has all the benefits of a massage from a boyfriend or girlfriend. And you won’t have to return the favor!

Amala Handbag Essentials


These convenient iPhone-sized mini valise natural skin essentials from Amala Beauty will be constantly at your fingertips, in your handbag and on the go.

Organic Jasmine and Cocoa Bean soften dry hands while organic Desert Fig soothes chapped lips. The purse-friendly treatment trio is tucked in an iPhone-sized mini valise, lined with luxe organic hemp.

BLUNT Umbrellas


BLUNT is a revolutionary and stylish range of low-profile umbrellas designed in New Zealand. Known as the strongest on the market with fully tensioned canopies. BLUNT represents the most significant advancement in umbrella design in over a century. With the capability to withstand the strongest of weather ​(up to 125 MPH winds) ​and world-first blunt canopy tips for safety—BLUNT presents a stylish, polished aesthetic that will confidently help you take this winter by storm.

​BLUNT ​comes in a variety of styles and colors including​ XS, Mini, Lite, Classic, XL, Blunt Golf and three bespoke styles: Michael Hsiung, TILE and CAMO.​



For all the fashion-forward friends on our holiday shopping lists this year, give a gift with eye-catching style from RFLKT.



Skip the elbow grease scrubbing of cleaning grills this spring with world’s first automatic grill-cleaning robot

An automatic grill-cleaning robot, yes! Ditch the scrubbing, mess and grime, and possible injuries from cleaning grills before firing them up for spring BBQing. Grillbot is the world’s first automatic grill-cleaning robot that takes the elbow grease out of cleaning to make life easier for grillers, saving them time from the grime.

The Grillbot is available in four amazing colors and is always ready to clean: Comes with LCD alarm and timer to set, forget, then be notified when done, Has three high-power electric motors, Driven by Smart Brain that controls movement, speed and direction of brushes, Pop brushes right off for easy cleaning and throw into the dishwasher, Includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Swell Caroline Lucky Bar Monogram Necklace


This gorgeous bar necklace from Swell Caroline features an inventive design with your option of a nautical latitude and longitude engraving or an off-center side monogram. The sterling silver necklace bar measures 7.5 mm high by 45 wide and dangles from a 16″ beaded split chain with a 2″ extension. Also available with 14kt gold plating over sterling silver. Engraved in the USA.



The Aquatune Series utilizes advanced Bluetooth technology for wireless listening on-the-go. It syncs seamlessly with any device and features their signature AWS (All Weather Sound™) technology for crystal clear playback in the world’s harshest environments. The Aquatune 5712 is their most compact speaker and is specially designed to pump out 10 hours of dynamic sound on land and at sea. Waterproof, shockproof, and built to float, it’s easier than ever to take one’s favorite tunes out on the water. The Aquatune 9612 is an all-terrain, weatherproof speaker that unleashes rich sound for up to 12 hours of continuous play. It’s the perfect companion for backpacking, camping, and hanging out regardless of where the road leads. Last but not least is their most powerful speaker–the Aquatune 12610. This elite audio device puts 12 watts of power at its users’ fingertips and 10 hours of continuous music in their ears.

Music Muffs


When winter weather sets in, their Music Muffs Headphones offer convenience, comfort, and nonstop music in style.  Music Muffs are the first headphones to incorporate on trend fashions with high-quality components at an affordable price point. Each pair of Music Muffs has been outfitted with advanced audio technology that can answer calls, control volume and shuffle through playlists at a touch of a button. Soft, premium faux fur, a relaxed, adjustable fit, and a durable nylon braided cable ensure they’re ready for a walk through any winter wonderland.

K. Bell socks


Deck the halls in Christmas socks this year with our holiday spirit filled Christmas line from K. Bell. We’ve got Christmas Santa Clauses, exclusive Grumpy Cat Christmas socks, snowmen, penguins and owls… if you’re looking for Christmas socks, we’ve got you covered at K. Bell!

Picture It On Canvas


Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Prints – Turn moments into masterpieces with a beautiful display of our premium-quality, gallery-wrapped canvas prints.

Skinfix Ultra Rich Hand Cream


Skinfix Hand Repair Cream™ Clinically proven to treat dry cracked skin and eczema. Total relief of the itch, the ouch, the embarrassment of dry, irritated hands.

Skinfix Hand Repair Cream™ delivers healing benefits above and beyond the average hand cream to soothe the most challenging skin conditions. This specially formulated medicinal hand cream contains 1% colloidal oatmeal which is the ideal skin fix for eczema, dermatitis and extreme dryness. Dryness is relieved on the very first application. Skinfix Hand Repair Cream™ calms redness, relieves itching, and rebuilds the skin barrier with a blend of healing botanicals, rich natural butters and emollient oils. This highly effective, natural formula is free of steroids, fragrance, and soy. Frequent hand washers are top of mind for Skinfix®. Our super-rich formula seals in protection that lasts from wash to wash

Penny Skateboards


A sweet Penny Painted Fades skateboard, Penny’s Candy 22” is a cheeky board that fades between pastel pink, blue and yellow with complimenting mint wheels. Show off your sense of fun as you zip around the streets on your way to your next adventure with friends. Make your mark as you skate your Candy painted fade to reveal colourful hints of the coloured deck hidden underneath, designed to match gloriously with the wheels!

Bondi Band


Sporting Bondi Band’s unique customizable headbands and armbands will make getting in shape this year fashionable and fun.  They can be personalized with logos, sayings, nicknames, and more to reflect their wearers’ spirits.  Made with non slip and sweat wicking material, Bondi Band will keep you looking and feeling great in the midst of any workout.

NY Style Pita Chips


A holiday party doesn’t have to be synonymous with overindulgence. Instead, the goal is to have food that tastes great. Thankfully, delicious food can also be nutritious and good for you. From using fresh fruits and vegetables to swapping excess sugars and unhealthy fats for better-for-you options, you can throw a fun party with food that won’t weigh your guests down.

New York Style Pita Chips have been rolling out delicious gourmet snacks since 1978. Known as the healthy, party snack food– these chips come in six different flavors and make the perfect addition to your favorite festive holiday dips this season.

Ruby Rockets


Following the success of its popular Ruby Rockets Frozen Veggie & Fruit Pops, Ruby Rockets is shaking up the dairy aisle with the first non-dairy, shelf-stable, portable yogurt alternative.

With no added sugar, new Ruby Rockets Non-Dairy Fruit & Veggie Blends feature a creamy blend of veggies, fruit and plant-based protein, including creamed coconut, chia seeds and pea protein. Requiring no refrigeration and with a 90-day shelf life, this new Ruby Rockets product is the perfect grab-and-go snack for school lunches, family road trips and easy-to-reach at-home treats.

This new, delectable yogurt alternative is packaged in a convenient tube and is available in three delicious flavors: Beam Me Up Berry, Stellar Strawberry and Telescopic Tropic.