Our interview with talented young actor Nathan Arenas who can be seen as Jorge on Disney’s “Bunk’d.” “Bunk’d” is currently airing season two and airs internationally in Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

A spinoff of the popular Disney series, “Jessie,” the show follows the Ross kids as they head to summer camp at Camp Kikiwaka in Maine, where their parents met when they were teenagers and shadows them in their various adventures and adaptations in being away from home. Landing the role on his first industry audition, Nathan is a scene-stealer as Jorge, Ravi’s [Karan Brar] best friend who has an imaginative spirit yet wild personality bringing an added touch of mischief and humor to each episode that shows the fun and joy that camp life can bring.

Hi Nathan please tell us a little about you?

Well, I love to perform close up magic and I also really like to draw and of course I’m an ACTOR!!

Describe yourself in 3 words?

This is really hard…outgoing, funny, and honest.

Who is your biggest supporter?

My biggest supporter is my mom because she has helped me every step of the way and given me advice every day since I can remember!

How did you get started in the industry?

I went to an acting school called Actors Giving Back in 2015.

What was your first acting role?

My first audition and acting role was for Jorge!! So, I am very proud of that!

What is the best and worst part of being an actor?

There is no bad part of being an actor because all of it to me is so much fun!

Best advice ever given?

Best advice I’ve ever gotten was to always believe in myself and never let anyone ruin my day. That came from my mom.

How did you find out about Disney’s “Bunk’d”? And tell us about your character Jorge?

My agent sent me on an audition for Jorge that’s how I found out about the role. Jorge is a very interesting person. He definitely has a widely-expanded imagination which I love! He’s also the youngest one on the show and I am the youngest cast member.

What is the Bunk’d series about?

Bunk’D is a spin-off of Jessie in which the Ross family goes to a summer camp in Maine called Camp Kikiwaka where their parents met as teenagers. There they meet Jorge, Tiffany, Xander, and Lou! Oh yeah, and Hazel.

What has been your most memorable experience from the set?

Meeting the cast because I was and still am a fan of the show Jessie!

Are you friends with the cast outside the cameras?

Yes we’re all friends off camera.

What other projects you have been part of?

I’ve been in a few commercials and on the show New Girl.

Who is your favorite Actor/Actress? And why?

My favorite actors are Jim Carrey and Johnny Depp because of their ability to change in and out of their roles and expressions. Jim Carrey for his comedic use and Johnny Depp because of his dramatic and comedic use.

3 things you can’t leave your house without?

I can’t leave my house without my phone, glasses, and backpack full of tricks!!

What music do you like?

I like alternative rock.

Your idea of a perfect Sunday is?

My idea of a perfect Sunday would be spending the day with my family, maybe doing a couple performances for them!

How’s a normal day in your life?

I would wake up (obviously) and then get homework out of the way! Practice magic, maybe go to an audition, hang out with friends, and play some music!!

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I will be on many new projects hopefully! I will definitely show more of the musical side in me and a lot of charity work!

Do you support any charities?

Yes I do support charities!

Animals: Best friends
Bulling: Stomp Out Bulling
Children: Ryan Seacrest Foundation

Where we can follow you?

You can follow me at @thenathanarenas on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Favorite Music: Alternative Rock!

-The Strokes
-Franz Ferdinand

Quote: “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible!”-Winston Churchill

Holiday Destination: We actually don’t leave town or anything because in Mexican culture the entire family (EVERYONE) sticks together during holidays.

Food: My favorite food other than Mexican would be Indian because I love how they use condiments and also they have many vegetarian options which is perfect since I’m vegetarian!

Restaurant: I have two favorite restaurants that I really recommend Bhimas Indian Vegetarian and Happy Family Vegetarian.

Drink: HORCHATA!!!!

Celebrity Crush: uhhhhh………??

Song: This is hard! I have many. Either ‘Buddy Holly’ by Weezer or ‘Under Cover of Darkness’ by The Strokes Or maybe ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley!

Sports Team: Does Penn and Teller count?? I know magic isn’t a sport but Penn and Teller are a bit like a team! ?

Movie: STAR WARS! The best trilogy ever!!!!

Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard