The NBN (National Broadband Network) is an upgrade to the internet infrastructure of Australia. It is replacing the current copper wire and HFC (hybrid fiber coaxial) networks with faster fiber optic technology. The NBN must be an upgrade to your existing internet service. It is overwhelmed with criticism and headaches related to upload and download speeds. Know more about NBN Speed Plans iSelect to get the best plan for you. iSelect allows you to compare different NBN plans.

NBN Speeds

You can choose from four-speed tiers available with maximum upload and download speeds. Speed is measured in Mbps (Megabits per second). Remember, a few internet providers offer different speed tiers under different names. Some plans may imitate maximum evening speeds with new standards of ACCC.

  Basic Evening Speed: NBN 12 means 1 Mbps upload and 12 Mbps download

  Standard Evening Speed: NBN 25 (25/5) means 5 Mbps upload and 25 Mbps download

  Standard Plus Evening Speed: NBN 50 (50/20) means 20 Mbps upload and 50 Mbps download

• Premium Evening Speed: NBN 100 (100/40) means 40 Mbps upload and 100 Mbps download

The speed tier NBN 12 delivers a similar speed of copper connections; therefore, it is not considered fast broadband. Remaining three tiers offer a better speed on residential connections. If you want to select the best NBN plan, you have to consider your data needs instead of cost only. Speed of connection can affect your tasks.

Unlimited NBN Plans

You may get the cheapest data plan for almost $50/month to $60/month. Pay attention to the modem fees, set-up fees, and lengthy contract. Evaluate the costs involved in these plans to save money. Remember, NBN may work similarly to an old ADSL connection. If you need a plan for low – average internet user, you can consider this option.

Unlimited 25 NBN Plans

For typical use, you can buy this plan in $60 to $70 per month. With this plan, you can stream high definition videos during peak hours. It is the first superfast plan of NBN. Many providers may offer you an extra data volume.

To increase the value of money, pay attention to bonus offers. Don’t forget to consider modem costs and set-up fees. Tangerine, Vodafone, TeleChoice, Aussie Broadband are some famous NBN speed plan providers.

NBN 50 Unlimited Plans

For heavy streaming, you will need an NBN 50 speed plan. It is suitable for families to get the most out of your connection without disturbing your monthly budget. You can get this plan in almost $60/month to $75/month. Providers may shed set-up fees and contracts. Make sure to read fine prints of the service provider’s contract before buying a plan. Some famous service providers are Exetel, Tangerine, Belong, and Aussie Broadband.

NBN 100 Unlimited Plans

NBN 100 plans can be expensive than other plans. The cheapest provider charges around $80, but this price will not affect heavy-duty internet users. Some providers may ask for $100/month for this speed plan. If you want to beat network congestion of busy periods, it can be a reliable option.