If you have a fitness goal that you made at the beginning of the year and don’t know where to start, we suggest starting with researching personal trainers and the qualities you should look for in them. So, a personal trainer can be someone that you can hire either within a gym, in-home, in a private facility who is going to coach you in reaching your fitness goals. They can really help you get the perfect fitness routine. Here are some good qualities you should look for in your new personal trainer.

Great Communication Skills

The essential part of creating a good bond with your trainer is transparent communication, especially when it comes to an understanding of your goals and needs. In order for a trainer to succeed in this role, it is essential for him or her to know the client’s history and to know exactly what their goals and wishes are, so they need to know how to communicate properly. Not only is it important for them to be able to motivate you, but also to, from a scientific standpoint, explain how nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle all play a part.

When they can’t physically be with you during a session, they should be able to explain over the phone how to make every move in the right way, so you do it right even without them. Without this, you’ll not only not get the best workout, but you might even get injured.


You should take your time to read and understand the trainer’s credibility based on their education and training. A higher exercise science degree will provide your personal trainer with advanced knowledge in exercise programming as well as knowledge of working with special populations, and different age ranges that ensures you’re getting the best results. Regardless of accreditation, great personal trainers take it as a personal responsibility to stay up-to-date with the latest fitness trends and newly published research and continued efforts on improving themselves. Also, it is very important that your trainer is certified by a recognized or accredited organization.

Passionate About Health and Fitness

You want your trainer to be invested in fitness and be excited about coaching you. Someone who is passionate and in love with the job will be able to give you the best conditions and program for you. A good trainer can have a crucial impact on a client’s life. The experts at BK Roots Fitness stress the importance of a holistic approach and individualized workouts, with care for people involved. For this reason, it is the love and passion for the work that makes a good trainer into an incredible one.

Practice What You Preach

Trainers that go into the industry were already so personally passionate about fitness that they wanted to make a career out of it and share that passion. Trouble can come when the choices of being “too” comfortable and enjoying a delicious snack here, and there become a habit. It is not that credible and effective if the trainer’s personal lifestyle choices don’t match with what is being advised to clients. It was a personal choice to become a trainer, a job that centers on health and wellness. So, it is the trainer’s responsibility to practice what they believe in. Especially because they become some sort of inspiration and model that can help shape their client’s own expression of a well-full life.


All trainers should be able to provide you with a good general program to improve volume, speed, capacity, weight loss, and straight. Someone who is only “good at exercise” and not actually specialized and educated will be able to show you move – but won’t have any idea how it actually impacts the body and whether or not it’s right for you. So if you have a very specific goal, such as training for a marathon or improving your soccer technique, you will be better off with a specialist.

Keep in mind that personal trainers should be knowledgeable in other health-related things, aside from knowing how to lift weights properly. A good personal trainer will be able to offer you what you need, whether that’s injury rehab, building muscle, or getting you back to health. A lot of this depends on the trainer’s personal fitness background and history. A trainer who is specialized in a niche will always give you better results, but if you’re not sure what you need – find a generalist. It’s all about good research to start with and understand what motivates you to become a better version of yourself — after that, picking a trainer will be a piece of cake!