Anxiety and stress has become commonplace in this uncertain era and the effects of this time, still unknown. This week we caught up with Peace Inside Live Cofounders, Shira Lazar and Jordana Reim who have been bringing “Peace Inside” the workplace with customized solutions that allay employee fears and boost morale, with mindfulness tools for focus, calm and effective communication at the core. They also hold community classes, thought-leadership discussions and retreats on their community platform at PeaceInside.Live

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“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: what are you doing for others?” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Peace Inside Live a platform for meditation, mindfulness and movement is grounded in compassion and connection. They are a growing and close-knit community of seekers in Los Angeles and around the globe.

Speaking with its founders, Shira Lazar and Jordana Reim about creating the platform, we asked what inspired them?

Shira: As I have been focused on personal growth and the importance of self-love, I started being very curious and passionate about these tools for healing and finding sustainable inner happiness. When Jordana approached me with the idea during quarantine, I thought it would be the perfect time to take that excitement and my own background in media and community building to bring it to others, as we are all looking to connect and improve our mental health virtually.

Peace Inside Live offers personalized support and the ability to do the work of going deep within to find greater peace inside. You can RSVP for any class and get informed each week about that class and others for your journey in over at

Classes and instructors are incredibly diverse and accomplished

How do you choose the facilitators and sessions offered by Peace Inside Live?

Jordana: It’s a really fun process. Right now I’m living in Koh Phangan, Thailand where there are so many modalities for well-being and incredible facilitators in this transformational and energetic hub. I’ve been able to meet people from around the world who have taught on Peace Inside Live here. Also through travels in India, Nepal and Bali I’ve connected with extraordinary teachers who we’ve brought to the platform, but also, in our own backyard of California, there are so many talented facilitators! Shira is an enthusiast and sends me recommendations so I get to meet new teachers this way too. We’ve also meet facilitators through DMs on social – from teachers who have discovered us or from our community, we love building this collective together.

Some of the sessions I’ve been able to experience, ”Find Your Joy with Megan Joy”. Where we meditated, moved and got mindful to collectively relax, revitalize and release into a better now.

They also offer sessions EFT sessions, an intuitive, self-healing practice used to rebalance the nervous, mental and emotional systems in times of high stress. Also called “tapping”, EFT is an intuitive, self-healing practice used to rebalance the nervous, mental and emotional systems in times of high stress.

Peace Inside Live offers us the tools to see, calm and realize the world around us, I’d suggest anyone interested in harmony join this community!”