Encapsulated deep in the Bavarian Alps is Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle that towers out straight like a fairytale. For a good reason, the castle is a spectacular attraction for over 1.4 million visitors each year. While the labyrinth of chambers was constructed for a single person, King Ludwig, a staggering 6,000 people stroll through the rooms, especially at the height of the summer season. The towering monument was commissioned by Ludwig II, The Bavarian King, using his funds in 1869, but never got completed as he died in 1886.

The towering castle looks majestic from the outside and comes with an awe-inspiring story. Perhaps one of the most spectacular castles in the world, a visit to The Neuschwanstein Castle could be unsurprisingly breathtaking. While weddings are typically not held in the castle interiors, the grounds of The Neuschwanstein Castle will impart a mark of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

Making Optimal Financial Decisions

Fairytale weddings in Germany have become more than just a platform for couples to say “I do.” Based on the 2020 data provided by respondents regarding the spending on reception and ceremony, there is a broader, industry-wide gap between consumer income and the expenditure for elopement. At the same time, a report by The Bridal Times revealed that over 30% of couples spend between 10,000-15,000 €, with a good 15% ready to spend up to 20,000 €, excluding the honeymoon. Given this significant disparity, there is enough reason to embrace optimal financial decisions by narrowing down the must-haves.

“Research of the over 88% of German users depending on internet research for financial advice has shown that it’s crucial to write down what you think is really important by practicing some thoughtful self-reflection,” says Stephan Fried, an advisor for Fitformoney. “Although over 66 million people continue to embrace online insights for fiscal advice to actualize their dream without overspending, not less important is following expert financial insights rather than heavy reliance on peer advice.”

According to a financial strategist for Naluda Magazine, a strong case could be made from the idea of visiting The Neuschwanstein Castle without having to splash hundreds of dollars. In the context of a Fairy Tale wedding, however, fixing a budget to witness how the Bavarian Alps look like with the autumn foliage, relatively clear skies, and mild temperatures could fuel a controversy. With ceilings covered in gold, floor mosaics, and paintings from renowned artists at that time, the interior could be a great monument to your wedding’s memory at a great price.

The Right Time To Visit

There isn’t a doubt that Neuschwanstein Castle is gorgeous at any time of the year, and there’s absolutely no wrong time to visit. The castle tends to be flooded with tour groups during weekends in summer, which is enough reason to visit on a weekday preferably. Winter might be an incredible time to visit if you particularly like to spruce up your wedding with snowflakes in a frosty glory.

How To Get There

Finding other great items to spruce up your wedding includes using a guided tour to not miss out on your incredible day. It’s easy to visit the castle by tour bus, car, or train as it is located in Bavarian Town, approximately 70 miles southwest of Munich. Getting up the hill to the castle might be a little tiresome as it will consume about 45 minutes of your time. If you prefer to make the wedding a little “royalty,” you can climb the hill in a horse-drawn carriage to see the sights more quickly.

Are Photographs Allowed?

Based on a report by The Mayor, the powdery snow, new springs buds frame and the limestone building are the top reasons over 6,000 people visit the castle only to admire the exterior. Although the spectacular beauty of this palace was designed for Ludwig II to escape from the real world’s bustle, visitors are not allowed to photograph this medieval architecture or fly drones outside the castle. The great news, however, is that you may take as many photos as you want from the castle’s exterior. The most spectacular exterior view is from the Marienbruckle bridge that towers nearly 300 feet and gives a 360-degree view.