Racing enthusiasts around the world were buzzing with excitement when Formula E announced plans to redesign the face of the largest electric race car series in the world. Despite being around for only three years, the series has gained a considerable cult following; especially from the youth.

A new Dawn

Perhaps to ride on its newlyfound celebrity status, the series decided to have an entirely new car; one that is much longer, faster and having a massive redesign structure; poised to possess a much more radical look. One that will pretty much dwarf any car design out there!

After the first reveal that took place at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6, here is just how much more different the new ride is turning out to be both display-wise, and its performance on the track.

A boost in power

For starters, the new Formula E machine will come with a tremendous power upgrade; dwarfing the 200kW for a whopping 250kW; that’s an impressive 335 horsepower!
In turn, this will push the top speed of the new car to around 174 miles per hour, which is pretty high considering the fact that Formula E tracks mostly consist of twisty, winding circuits.

This newfound power will ultimately help the new cars shave of the time taken to go from 0-60mph to about 2.7 seconds! Definitely making up for an exciting show and racing competition.

Of course, aside from the impressive power, the new designs look to be a bold statement by Formula E that they want to become a force to reckon with in the sports racing arena. After all, this new slick design is what the cars will have for the next three seasons.

Breathtaking design

Over the span of three years, the Formula E cars have more or less resembled their cousins pitted at Formula One, which happens to have the largest following the world over. Specifically, the open-wheel, single-seater design that viewers have become accustomed to. However, the organizers of the event were dying to create a new design from the beginning.

This radical desire for change was fired up mostly by the fact that so many racing series are adopting electric technology today. So it was high-time that Formula E stood at the apex with impressive designs. More on car design is discussed at Autoserviceprices.com.

While the ongoing proposal was being presented at FIA, the sport’s governing body, the rumor mill was buzzing that the main redesign process was inspired by concepts such as the McLaren MP4-X.

Functionality first

That being said, it is worthy to note that functionality has definitely been considered in this new design. For one, the new car has been installed with the mandatory head protection device (halo) as instructed by FIA.

Furthermore, there is high expectations that the car will have an LED lighting strip atop the halo, which communicate important info to the driver and the mechanics about the car’s remaining battery level, the power mode, and instructions to follow during an emergency situation.