The idea of getting married in an idyllic tropical location appeals to lots of couples but many are put off by all of the planning that is required. Unfortunately, you cannot simply turn up in Pattaya and get married during your holiday: you need to make certain arrangements in advance if everything is to go smoothly. Looking on the bright side, however, it is not really as difficult as you might think. Follow our top tips and you could have the perfect tropical wedding and honeymoon here in Thailand.

1. Consider a Blessing Rather than a Legal Ceremony – If you really like the idea of getting married on a beautiful beach in Thailand but you don’t want to prepare all the necessary documentation, you might like to consider a simple wedding in your home country, followed by a blessing in Pattaya. If, for example, you are coming here from the UK, you could get married at your local registry office then travel here for a Buddhist blessing ceremony and honeymoon. You don’t have to have a Buddhist ceremony of course: Christian, Hindu and non-religious ceremonies can also be arranged very easily.

2. Enlist the Help of a Professional Wedding Planner – Couples who are not keen on paperwork but really have their heart set on a fully legal Thai wedding can hire a local wedding planner. There are many agencies here that can smooth your path as far as organising embassy visits and obtaining official documentation are concerned. You can find a wedding planner who just helps with the paperwork or an agent that helps you to plan the ceremony and book a suite at one of the best luxury wedding resorts in Pattaya as well: the choice is yours.

3. Plan to Stay in Bangkok for a Few Days First – Whether you decide to enlist the help of a professional agent or go it alone, you should plan to spend a few days in Bangkok at the start of your holiday. Your home country’s embassy will be located in Bangkok and staying close by will simplify the process of getting the documents you need before you can marry. There are some foreign consulates in Pattaya but most people find it easier to organise everything in the capital first.

4. Book Your Accommodation Well in Advance – Whether you are planning your wedding to take place in high season or low season, we recommend booking your accommodation at the earliest possible opportunity. Most of the wedding resorts in Pattaya will be only too pleased to help you plan your special day in detail if you give them plenty of notice. If you leave it until the last minute, you may be disappointed with the options available to you but if you book in advance, you can have almost anything you want for your dream wedding in Pattaya.

5. Check Your Documentation Carefully, Before Your Trip – If you have never been married before then all you really need to bring with you is your passport. However, if you have previously been married, you will also need to bring proof that all prior marriages have been legally terminated, such as death certificates or divorce certificates. It is vital you do not forget to bring these as you will be asked to produce them when you visit your embassy to obtain an affirmation that you are now free to marry.

Whatever type of wedding you would like to have in Pattaya, careful planning is key. As long as you have everything well prepared, you are sure to have a fantastic ceremony, reception and honeymoon in this beautiful location.