Our February issue is really rocking the show filled with everything to encourage, motivate and inspire you . Our covergirl is the gorgeous Courtney Bingham, model beau of Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx and as we discovered she’s not just a pretty face. We talk life, love and wedding bells.

A familiar face on the big screen actress Bianca Lawson gives us the lowdown on her rise from Barbie commercials to Buffy and her latest role as enigmatic guidance counsellor Ms Lawson in MTV’s Teen Wolf.

There’s romantic getaways in our Travel section and matches made in heaven and some top love tips from ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’, Patti Stranger just in time for Valentine’s and some great gifts that will set hearts aflutter – Alex Woo trinkets and exquisite lingerie that you will just want to show off. Check out the most beautiful celebrity couples too!

Ones to watch on the music scene are the unstoppable Prince Malik and Grammy-nominated DJing duo Sultan + Ned Shepard whilst motoring mayhem comes courtesy of the outlandishly flash Lamborghini Aventador.

You won’t want to miss another action packed issue.

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