Outdoor kitchens are natural gathering spots, just like indoor kitchens. An outdoor kitchen allows families to dine outdoors when the weather is nice and allows the opportunity for entertaining on a larger scale. Choosing a kitchen for an outdoor kitchen can seem like an overwhelming task. Keep reading for tips on choosing the best sink for an outdoor kitchen.

Quality Matters

Usually, homeowners who are building an outdoor kitchen have a budget. If you need a sink for your outdoor kitchen, you should purchase the best quality sink that fits in the budget. Outdoor sinks need to be long-lasting and beautiful. It can be expensive to add an outdoor sink due to building codes and the cost of installation. Usually, sinks come in stainless steel, marble, or soapstone.

Stainless Steel Sinks

While stainless steel looks beautiful inside a home, sometimes the reflection from the sun makes it very bright outdoors. People who choose a stainless steel sink should look for high grade stainless that won’t corrode. Nickel can be an excellent alternative to stainless steel, as it hides knicks and damage that may occur over time.

Consider Natural Materials

Although many people want to carry the inside design of their home into the outdoors, sometimes matching the natural environment makes more sense. Trying to create a farmhouse look with a porcelain sink may not work outside, like it does inside. Homeowners should consider using natural materials like stone, concrete, or copper. Copper is an excellent material to use outdoors for a sink.

Stone and concrete sinks come in different colors and look beautiful outdoors. Molded concrete sinks are porous and heavy. They need more cleaning than other materials and are likely to crack in extreme temperature changes. While porcelain sinks are the easiest to keep clean, they break easily and are not a desirable choice for an outdoor kitchen.

Consider the Environment

Homeowners need to consider the region in which they live when choosing a sink. Those who live in areas with cold winters should purchase sinks should be made of metal, stone, or composites that expand and contract when the temperature changes. Outdoor kitchens in hot areas that receive sunshine need sinks that disperse the sun’s rays. Granite is a good choice, as is brushed stainless steel and copper.

Choosing a Faucet

Homeowners usually choose a sink and countertop first, and then base the faucet on those styles. But, if they have a faucet that they love, they might match the sink and countertop to it. Faucets need to be weather-resistant as well. Stainless steel is the best choice for an outdoor sink faucet.

Count the Cost

Sinks are available at a wide variety of prices. Top-mount sinks are the least expensive. Undermounts and farmhouse sinks are the most expensive. If a homeowner plans to pay for installation, they will pay more for larger sinks that are undermounts or apron sinks. Prices for sinks can range from $400 to $2,500. Some homeowners can do the work themselves, therefore saving quite a bit of money on the overall project.

Consider these tips when choosing a sink for your next outdoor kitchen. While enjoying dinner outside with friends, the sink is likely to be a star of the kitchen and keep the party going long into the warm summer evenings.