One of the most important processes, when you have surgery, is the recovery. This is when you have plenty of time to rest and let everything settle down and heal first. What you have to take into consideration is your comfortability because it will ease the process and lessen any pain you’ll feel after. This is especially true for a butt surgery because you are dealing with a drastic change in your body. To ensure that everything is going to proceed greatly, there are four simple tips you should consider doing after that life-changing surgery.

1. Get Plenty of Rest

Even before committing to a butt surgery, you should already be resolved to take some time off from most of your daily activities. This would include work and even school if you are still going to one. It means you should be ready to take a leave or you could time it to coincide with vacation so not much of your essential activity is interrupted. Other than work and school, you should also suspend your gym and other sports activities because you shouldn’t be exerting too much effort that can cause problems for your wounds.

2. Wear Compression Garments

Compression garments are great shapers for the body and this will benefit yours too after a bit of surgery because it helps in managing to swell. It contours your body so you get to recover to a better shape. You can wear compression garments up to two months post-surgery to better help heal the wounds and assist the skin in retracting to make it more firm after.

3. Use Pillows

It is best advised not to sit for long periods or not to sit at all during the first few days after surgery. This is a challenging time during the recovery because you have to be creative in making a position that won’t aggravate your buttocks. For when you can already sit down, it is recommended to aid your position with a BBL pillow under the legs to avoid putting direct pressure on the buttocks. This will ensure that there is a constant airflow to this area of your body which is essential for complete and fast healing. Also, avoid sleeping on your back so lie on your belly or side so you won’t feel sore when you wake up.

4. Healthy Diet

You would need to strictly follow the dietary guidelines issued by your doctor. This is certainly not the time to adhere to a strict diet, but you shouldn’t gain weight either. A well-balanced diet is required for optimum recovery. Incorporate a low sugar and fat consumption intake and make sure you add a lot of whole foods with low sodium as well.

The best way to get the most desirable result post-surgery is to ensure that you behave and have discipline during the recovery. Be patient and creative in ensuring that you are comfortable all throughout without putting any pressure in the affected areas. Once everything is settled, you can already enjoy your new body and resume your normal activities.