Your child’s prom is a magical and special milestone in their lives. Because you love your kids, you want everything to be perfect and you want to help them make their prom a night to remember. There is a lot that goes into helping your child plan for their prom. So, if you are one of the parents out there who are maybe feeling a little overwhelmed with prom planning, then you’ve come to the right article. Here is a great list of prom do’s and don’ts.

Take time to shop around

The first prom do is to shop around for the right attire. Your kid is going to want to look amazing. After all, how many times is your kid going to prom? Don’t settle for the first nice prom gown or tuxedo that you find. If you do that, your kid might just find something later on that they love even more.

Prom night is special so you need to make sure to do plenty of shopping around. You can go to different stores and try on different styles, browse internet sites like to get ideas and inspiration, and you can even make an outfit if you’ve got the skills to do so. Take time to browse around so that you and your child can find something that outshines all the others.

Practice beforehand

The second prom do is to play around with different hairstyles or makeup before the big night. Often you will see a certain look, maybe on a model or posted on someone’s Instagram, and it just looks gorgeous. But on the big night, you try to recreate the same look and it turns out to be a disaster!

Nothing can ruin a prom worse than their dream looks not working out the way that they’d hoped it would. So, play around with different hairstyles, accessories, or makeup before the night of their prom. This will allow them to experiment, find looks they love, and it will ensure that come the big night of their prom, they will look awesome!

Careful with pictures

Taking pictures to immortalize the memories seems like an obvious pre-prom ritual. You want a lot of pictures of your child’s special prom! But what a lot of parents fail to do is take pictures not only with their friends or their prom dates but just pictures of them, on their own. As your child grows, their feelings for people might change. Perhaps one of the friends that they went to prom with is no longer their friend. Things happen. It would be a real bummer if all the pictures of there prom had the person whom they were no longer fond of them. Make sure to take pictures of just your child, alone. This way, even though the people might have changed and your child grows, they can still look back on the memories and how wonderful they looked.

Don’t be uncomfortable

A big prom don’t is to choose style over comfort. Perhaps your child found a dress that she just has to have, and maybe she also found shoes that match so perfectly. If the shoes hurt her feet and the dress isn’t very roomy, her prom just isn’t going to be as great as it could have been. Prom is about dancing, letting loose, and having fun! That is pretty difficult to do if you’re uncomfortable or even in pain. Something might look dazzling, but if it’s not comfortable, you should opt for a more comfortable option.

Avoid tanners

The last prom don’t is tanning! A lot of people like getting a spray tan before the big prom night. Nothing compliments that prom outfit like beautifully bronzed skin. But tanners can sometimes stain and it sure would be heartbreaking to ruin your prom outfit. Sometimes tanner even comes out a color that your child might not like. Tanners can be tricky. It’s just best to avoid taking any risks with that. Tanners can ruin a prom in a lot of unpleasant ways.

Hopefully, these helpful tips will make your prom experience with your child a little more easy to navigate.