Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger knows that Valentine’s Day can be tough for single people looking for the right person. So many people are trying to find that long lasting relationship but don’t know where to begin. Patti advises, “Don’t lower your standards and lose your morals.” Many of us are so caught up on looks that we forget to find out what’s on the inside. When good looks don’t charm you anymore there needs to be something deeper that holds you two together. Having values that are aligned with someone else’s will help you navigate life as a team. Many people find that not only are they fighting life on a daily basis but they are fighting their mate too because they did not find someone who supports them emotionally and challenges them mentally. Before hopping in the sack with someone there are stages to courtship. Sex should be the last thing on your mind while dating. If you remove sex from the equation you are forced to take the time to get to know someone in a deeper healthier way. It is important that you ask questions of someone you are dating. You really need to know if this person views life, family and relationships the same way you do. When you are married and your going through a financial crisis or the newborn is keeping you up all night you need to know that your partner is with you 100%. This is a journey for two. Marriage is not superficial. While dating there are some very important steps that both men and women should take to ensure that they end up with the right person. Some of these steps are so shockingly simple that you really do want to hit yourself over the head for not thinking of them.


Yes they are old fashioned but they do work! First, return phone calls in a timely and respectful manner. This really is not difficult to do yet so many people fail at this. Returning a phone call is a common courtesy and goes a long way as your learning about each other. Secondly, the boardroom has become an acceptable environment where women make the decisions and put men in line. Don’t do that while dating. Allow a man to be a man. He wants to show you that he is capable of being a gentleman. He was raised right! Let him open the car door, restaurant door and front door! It’s a sign of respect. Don’t be such a control freak and let him plan the date. Men are nervous about asking you out in the first place. Don’t stand him up and let him show you how much though he put into the date and you. Even the most controlling of women can appreciate that. Don’t talk about your excess baggage on the first date. You don’t want to turn this potential partner off before they have had a chance to get to know you first. Be a lady. Show manners. Be polite and engaging. Respect your date and his time. It’s as valuable as yours. If he is supposed to pick you up by 8 pm be ready by 7:45! Be positive and happy. This might not be your life partner but he is a human being and deserves to be respected. He will naturally respect you in return. While on the date Patti has expressed a two-drink maximum; this is for obvious reasons but so many people either forget or don’t care. It ensures that you are thinking with the right head. You don’t want to end up in bed at the end of the night then realize you made a mistake in the morning. This lead to the Cardinal Rule! Patti has said time and time again… NO SEX BEFORE MANOGAMY! Think she means it? She sure does! She has kicked people out of the club for it! Sex on the first second or third date really does cloud judgment. It befuddles the already confused and weak. Getting to know someone does not require the horizontal mambo! Sex will come naturally when you two decide to be monogamous. This takes pressure off of dating and lets you two relax as you learn about each other on all the other appropriate levels. Once you have clicked emotionally and mentally then the physical will be dynamite!


For all of Patti’s forwardness with people she nails it! This no nonsense approach to dating and marriage has awarded Patti a very high success rate. She has to be on to something so what do you have to lose? If your dating life has failed miserably up until now then take some advise from The Millionaire Matchmaker. If your single save this advise for the next person you meet that you express interest in. If your already dating someone then take a look at how its going and where you can apply Patti’s advise to improve it or ensure that it progresses to a marriage if that is where you want to be. You’ll be sending Patti a wedding invitation before you know it!


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