How to Find the Perfect Dress to Wear to All Your Summer Weddings

Summer is wedding season. Once you hit your late twenties / early thirties, you can expect to be invited to numerous weddings, often at least one per weekend during the top wedding months of May to September. With so many weddings in your diary, it can be hard to find the right dress to wear. If you were to buy a new dress for each wedding, your wardrobe would be full to capacity in no time at all. It would also be expensive, even if you took advantage of UK wedding deals on dresses.

Finding the perfect dress is not easy, but it can be done. What you need is a dress for all seasons; a dress that is suitable for any type of wedding. There is no one size fits all, but with a bit of careful decision making, you should be able to find a dress that is suitable for every wedding you attend.


What Not to Wear

Dressing for weddings is a bit of a minefield. You really don’t want to be the person who shows up in a dress designed to out-fox the bride. Nor do you want to be the person who sticks out on the wedding photos like a sore thumb. The main rules to be aware of are:

  • Don’t wear white – White is the bride’s color.
  • Don’t try to upstage the bride – Avoid ‘look at me’ outfits. This is not your day. Pippa Middleton did her best to upstage her big sister at the Royal Wedding and had her photo plastered all over the tabloids as a result. Luckily, Kate didn’t seem to mind.
  • Don’t wear a dress that’s too low cut or too short – Risqué outfits that would be more at home on the girls from Geordie Shore are best left in your wardrobe. Weddings are supposed to be classy, not tacky.

Find a Flexible Outfit

The best dresses are those you can easily wear at any event. Floor length gowns are not terribly practical, so your best bet is to choose a dress that is knee length, or somewhere in that vicinity. Think about the style of dress that best suits your body shape and go from there.

Pick a Color

Color is tricky because weddings often have themes, so if you wear the wrong color, you might not fit in. One color to avoid is black. Black and weddings do not mix and match. Wear black for funerals, or formal functions, but do not wear a black cocktail dress to a wedding unless you have the opportunity to change into something different for the evening do.

Classic colors work well for weddings. Teal and other shades of blue are very popular this year and are therefore a good choice for a wedding outfit. Plain dresses are more versatile as you can mix and match your shoes and accessories, but don’t be afraid to go for a patterned dress.

Once you have found your perfect dress, be sure to check whether it is dry-clean only. If it is, consider whether you will have enough time to have the dress cleaned between events.