The chances are that you received a pearl as a gift for your anniversary, bought one for your outfit, expecting or intending to get one. On most occasions, you have a piece of pearl jewelry, but you are not sure if it looks perfect on you for a particular day or event. You are often concerned with how to pair up your pearls with your outfit to ensure that you do not look like you mismatched your gear. One thing you must rejoice for is that you already have gems. Pearls make you look fantastic and hence, make you sure you do not miss pearls in your jewelry box. While gems remain the most popular and highly rated pieces of jewelry in the world for a long time, not everyone knows how to make choices when it comes to wearing them.

Here are some beautiful ideas you can use.

1-Always Get Your Pearls From Reliable Sources

To ensure that you look like a fashion guru, always get your gems from genuine suppliers. There are many sources of pearl on the market. As a result, it is not surprising to come across a string of fake pearls that looks as enticing as the real pearls. Real gems will always look classy and can last for a very long time. False pearls may look good, but they will only serve you for a short time. They may lose their elegance within a short time, which will alone leave you frustrated.

2-Buy A Matching Set Of Pearls

Buying a matching set is an excellent idea. A matching set will always come with such pieces as earrings and necklaces that match perfectly. Matching sets give you a very formal look when they are put together. You can also wear one piece and leave the other when you do not want to look so formal. Furthermore, a matching set can work very correctly for such occasions as weddings and other formal events like galas and others you come across. Color is also another thing that you ought to have at the back of your mind when finding your ideal gem. According to the fashion guru, a perfect pearl should rhyme with your dressing for the day or the occasion to attend. Juggling in between the different color options can be overwhelming for first-timers. Lucky for you, you can use this amazing guide to find the right pear color that’ll perfectly fit your wardrobe. With the guide and facts about the various options, it will be much easier to find an option that won’t disappoint you in the future.

3-Double Ball Pearls 

Double ball pearls have become an iconic style, especially for earrings. Being double-sided gives them a unique look, which has made them very popular, even among renowned celebrities. These earrings can be paired with your necklace to provide you with a unique trendy like. The double-ball pearl earrings are also being worn in a front-to-back style, which further increases their uniqueness. Such double stud, pearl earrings provide an asymmetrical geometric in design, giving you a chunkier look on informal occasions.

4-Wear The Right Length Of Your Pearl Necklace

Necklaces may look a little old-style, but there never lacks ways you can rethink their looks to make them fit the contemporary taste of fashion. You can try different colors, styles, and lengths as you look for the perfect method to suit your outfit. One of the ways to arrive at the ideal technique is playing around with the necklace length for different body types and occasions. For instance, a princess or choker necklace can be paired with a Bardot top or a strappy top. This can work well in casual jeans and a top or on a formal occasion. You can also wear a matinee necklace (22-24 inches) that fall in between the formal and casual wear. This size of the pearl necklace is perfect for an office. You may also decide to go for a longer pearl necklace, referred to as an Opera Length Necklace. This is usually 30 to 36 inches. For this length, however, you must ensure that the length matches the shape of your body. Taller ladies with larger bodies can try out necklaces longer than 36 inches.

5-Choose The Best Shape

There is a wide range of minimalist geometric designs of earrings on the market. Pearls can be mixed with other gemstones to make unusual shapes for pendants. Choosing geometrical ornaments can add uniqueness to your outfit. Such earrings can be matched with necklaces and cannot stop attracting your peers’ attention.

This guide has made it clear that you can wear pearls for many occasions other than formal occasions. It is also clear that pearls can be styled into different sizes, colors, and shapes to give you an elegant look for anytime. Today, many designers have come up with unique ways to mix pearls to make exceptional jewelry. Using this guide can help you make decisions to make choices in many options of pearl necklaces you may come across.