As much as we may dream, none of us can stay young forever. Photographs are the perfect way to look back at your younger days and remember all the special times that you had. Portrait photography is as old as cameras themselves, and the top photographers have incredible techniques for capturing youth and beauty so that they live forever. Creating the perfect shot takes far more than just pointing a camera lens and clicking the shutter.

To help you create a lasting memory of your youth, here are our top four portrait photography tips.

1. Play with the Lighting

When setting the scene for a portrait, lighting should be at the forefront of your mind. Soft, diffused light is perfect for a portrait because it will eradicate dark shadows and unnatural colors which can distort your subject’s face and make the skin tones look unnatural. The photography buffs at www.edgeunderwaterphotography.com explain that underwater portraits have beautiful, dappled lighting which brings a unique glow and presence to a portrait. The otherworldly feel of an underwater shoot creates timeless, stunning portraits which will hold their magic forever.

2. Use Longer Lenses

50mm lenses are the go-to for many portrait photographers but this means that they usually capture fairly ordinary photos. A longer lens between 85 and 200mm will help to create superior image compression without any distortion of the pixels. It can also help to bring the background and the subject together so you can play more with the scene. For youthful photos, use a background that captures that moment in your subject’s life so they can look back at the memory in later years.

3. Change the Position

Memorable portraits approach the subject with out-of-the-box thinking. Shoot your subject from different distances and angles to capture their face at its most youthful. Shooting from above or from one side, or changing your subject’s pose will enable you to hide any wrinkles or signs of aging. If it is a full-body portrait, position your subject in poses where their body looks limber and the lines are all beautiful. All our bodies change with aging, but a great photographer knows what to highlight and what mistakes to avoid. Doing so results to amazing and unforgettable photographs.

4. Retouch the Photo After the Shoot

Modern photo editing software is ideal for adding those finishing touches which you weren’t able to achieve through photography alone. Light airbrushing and softening of wrinkles and lines can strip years off your subject’s face. The trick is to edit the photos while still ensuring that the final portrait still looks natural. Less is usually more when it comes to editing, especially if you have implemented the first three tips in this guide. Try out a few different effects and let your subject choose which ones they like the most.

Portrait photography is the perfect way to capture youth forever and create something truly beautiful for your subject. By framing the photo perfectly, and using the correct light and editing magic, you will be able to produce timeless shots which will be cherished for years to come.