Exciting Gaming Events That Shouldn’t Be Missed In 2017


This year is an exciting year for live poker, as more and more events are added to the calender for both professionals and recreational players alike to enjoy.

There used to be three major events on every player’s line-up: the World Poker Tour, WSOP and European Poker Tour. These were regarded as the triple-crown of the poker world, and the target for any serious pro.

Interestingly, live poker seems to have diversified in recent years, and this is more true than ever this year as PokerStars replace the EPT with the high-stakes PokerStars Championship Events, as well as hosting the more accessible low-stakes PokerStars Festivals which are taking place around the world.

PokerStars Festivals

Live poker is reaching all corners of the globe in 2017 thanks to the PokerStars festival, which takes place not only in Europe, but also has dates for games in Latin America and Asia.

The PokerStars festival had its debut in London, followed by tournaments series’ in New Jersey and the Bahamas. The Festival will also visit Panama and the Czech Republic in March, South Korea, Monaco and Macau in April, Chili in May, Spain in June, the Philippines in July and Uruguay in September.

This pretty much means that wherever you are in the world, you are never too far away from a decent live casino poker game.

The buy-ins for these events varies greatly throughout each series, so it is possible for all level of player to have a crack at winning big. For example, the Chili Festival, which takes place in the Vina Del Mar Casino from 20-27th May, features an Open tournament with a $220 buy-in, as well as a $1,650 main event and a $3,300 high-rollers tourney.

Many of the PokerStars Festival events follow this format, with buy-ins across a wide range to suit every participant. If you want to hit up higher stake events and take a pop at the biggest prizes, the PokerStars Championship will provide the opportunity.

Russia’s Biggest Tournament

The year 2017 will also see Russia play host to its biggest poker tournament in history, the PokerStars Sochi Championship, held from the 20th – 31st May. The event features a massive Main Event prize pool of a guaranteed $2.6 million, with a buy-in of around $5,590. The high-roller events in this series will cost a nifty $10,860 to enter.



Of course, if you want to get involved with the biggest and most prestigious poker event of the year, you need to get yourself down to the World Series of Poker 2017, now in its 48th series.

The opening of the WSOP takes place in Las Vegas from May 3rd – July 17th at Rio Casino, with the Main Event held between 8th-17th July, featuring a $10,000 buy-in and a massive $3 million prize pool. First place is expected to take home more than $500,000.

Other WSOP events will then follow in Morocco, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal, France and Belgium, each of which can offer juicy prizes and exciting high-level action.

If you love poker, 2017 is a better year than ever before for live tournaments!

Photos: Wikimedia / Pixabay