Staying fit and healthy is important and everyone needs to include it in their lifestyle and daily routine. One of the best ways to do so is to play sports, but sometimes it’s difficult to get to the nearest ball court or sports club. Also, most people are still socially distancing because of the global coronavirus outbreak. However, that shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying a couple of games outside in their backyard. You can choose any sport you like and it depends on who you’re playing with and what you’re in the mood for. Read on to learn more about some of the popular sports that you can play alone or with your loved ones in your backyard.


You can play the popular dodgeball game that every school kid tried at some point in their lives. The objective of this fast-paced game is to eliminate your opposing team by throwing the ball at them. The other team must dodge it to remain in the game and continue playing. Dodgeball is a very competitive sport and it has several ways to play it. The beauty of this game is that you can change the rules as you see fit. You can form teams, have a two-man match, or a safer version where you play the pin-down dodgeball game. This is where you use bowling pins as your target instead of the players. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for you and it can be a lot of fun. Just remember not to throw the ball too hard.


Another fast-paced choice for you is basketball and it’s all about teamwork, coordination, and quickness. The objective is to throw the ball and have it go through a hoop to score points. You will need to install a custom basketball hoop at home to properly play this game. Some sports enthusiasts believe that portable hoops are a convenient choice for homes, but you need to figure out which one would be the best portable basketball hoop that will suit your needs and the space you have in your backyard. Portable hoops have wheels at the bottom of the unit and that can be very handy when you want to move it around your backyard. Most units have adjustable height settings that are perfect for changing it depending on who you’re playing with. Basketball is very rewarding and exciting to play. It will keep you busy and happy in your backyard.


This is a great sport to play because soccer is extremely popular worldwide. It might be physically demanding for most people, but it has great health benefits. One of the most interesting facts about soccer is that it’s known as football everywhere in the world except for the US. This is because there is an American football sport that you shouldn’t mistake for soccer as it’s an entirely different sport. Overall, soccer can be a fun and easy choice to play in your backyard. You can set any spot as your goal, form teams, and coordinate together to land scores for the win. Just remember not to touch the ball with your hands unless you’re the goalkeeper.


Numerous people love playing baseball in their backyard and you can experience that too! The objective of the game is to hit the ball with your bat as far as you can and run around four baselines to win. However, baseball doesn’t have to be played like the professional games. You just need a bat and the special mitten/glove to catch the ball. Some people just love throwing the ball back and forth at each other. You need a batter who hits the ball and a pitcher who throws the ball to the batter. Also, remember to play it on the right spot in your backyard to avoid any accidents like broken windows. If you’re the batter, try to hit the ball to your home’s wall that has no windows. Overall, it can be a fun choice if you want to relax on a sunny day at home.

You should never give up on trying a new sport that you love. Some of the best sports in the world can completely change your life and your health condition. If you regularly exercise and play a sport that you’re interested in, you will improve your stamina, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Just remember to have fun and enjoy your time. It’s okay if you play alone, but playing with friends or family can make your session a lot better. It would be great if you made it competitive with each other to spice it up and make it more fun for everyone.