There are moments during your life that you’ll probably remember forever. When you’re in your Golden Years, you’ll look back at those memories and smile.

The moment when you choose to propose to the person you love is probably one of those memories. Before you go looking for engagement ring options or start thinking about the venue, you need to make sure your intended spouse says yes.

This brief guide will give you some tips as you prepare to pop the question that might change your life forever.

1. Consider Writing Down What You’ll Say

First, you may want to consider whether you should write down what you want to say. If all you plan on doing is getting down on one knee and saying, “will you marry me,” then you don’t really need to write down the words beforehand.

Maybe you feel like you have some heartfelt things to say to this person as part of the proposal, though, and you don’t want to forget any of them. If so, you can write down a brief message that you can read to your intended spouse when the moment comes.

Of course, some feel that writing down what you’ll say beforehand will spoil the spontaneity. If you have this mindset, you probably won’t want to write down the words. At the very least, though, you should take some time to think about them instead of trying to adlib when the time comes.

2. Pick the Right Spot to Do It

Next, you should consider where and when you’ll pop the question. You might go to your favorite park and do it when the sun sets. If you’re both sports fans, perhaps you’ll do it at a venue like Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium. This kind of proposal is somewhat cliche, but your potential fiancé might like it.

Wherever you choose, try to make the moment as special as possible. Remember that you’re making a memory not just for yourself but for the person you intend to marry.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Finally, consider practicing in front of the mirror if you intend to say a few words before popping the question. You might be nervous beforehand, and if you go through the motions a little before the moment comes, you should feel more prepared to go through with it.

If you’ve got a family member or friend you trust, think about practicing on them before the big day arrives. They might have some tips or useful feedback to give you.

Get Ready for the Magic Moment

Hopefully, this proposal will go just as you imagined it would, and once it’s done, you will officially have a fiancé with whom you can anticipate the upcoming wedding. It doesn’t hurt to plan ahead, though, rather than trying to wing it on the spur of the moment.

Think about whether you want to write down a few sentences you’d like to say to your intended spouse. It might be less spontaneous that way, but at least you can be sure you won’t forget to say anything you think is important.

Consider where you want to be when you take the plunge. You’ll likely do best if you try to select a location that means a lot to both of you. Try to make the place and time as romantic as possible.

It’s best to practice the actual mechanics of what you’re going to do as well. Rehearse in front of a mirror at home a few times if you’re nervous, and maybe try saying the words in front of a trusted friend or family member if you’d like some feedback.

If you follow this formula, you should be in good shape to go through with this moment that you’ll doubtless look back on fondly in the years to come.