Are you stuck working from home in light of the ongoing global pandemic? Perhaps you’re worried about going back to work for health concerns, or you’re just thinking about expanding your options and trying this whole work-from-home approach. In all cases, you’ll soon find out how practical and comfortable working from home is. If you’re struggling with your current settings, then it’s about time to explore ways in which you can make your home office more comfortable. Here are 6 quick and easy ways to create the home office of your dreams.

1. Designate a Work Space

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t designate a work corner or, better yet, room. You’ll soon realize that your bed or sofa is not a good work setting. Maybe you find yourself feeling too lazy or sleepy, or you’ve started to experience serious back and neck pain. Worst of all, you may encounter frequent distractions with your family members failing to realize you’re working. Instead, be sure to get in the mood and avoid all distractions by designating an area that helps you focus and be productive.

2. Choose the Chair Carefully

On that note, let’s talk about your chair for a bit. Simply pulling a chair from the living area is not enough – we repeat, it’s a terrible idea. Your work chair needs to be comfortable, sturdy, and safe. You’ll notice the difference in the lack of back and pain you’ll otherwise experience with a normal chair. Your best starting point would be to look up ergonometric chairs and choose one with good back support to take care of your back with extended working sessions. Avoid any chairs that keep your back at a vertical 90 degrees; they add more stress to your spine and may result in serious conditions later on.

3. Set Up Your Desk Properly

Your desk should also follow ergonometric standards; not too low and not too high for you. It’s safe to get a desk that allows you to rest your elbows while typing and writing while giving you the space to keep your back and spine in a neutral position. In addition to ergonomics, you’ll want a wholesome desk that can satisfy multiple purposes. Depending on your line of work, you may want a sturdy desk that can carry the weight of your PC and one or two monitors. You should also consider whether you want drawers to store your documents and essential work-related equipment.

4. Adjust the Room Lighting

Remember what we said about getting into the mood? The lighting of your room plays a big role in that. You’ll want to work in a well-lit room that doesn’t make you feel sleepy every time you sit on the desk. In that case, you may want to consider installing Venetian blinds that give you full control over the light going into your room. These blinds can be opened to let in the sunlight and warmth during the day, and they can be adjusted by a simple roll of the handles to control the amount of light. If your work corner is situated in your bedroom, then they’ll also be great in completely blocking the light when it’s time to sleep.

5. Maintain Good Atmosphere

As a general rule, you should pay good attention to the atmosphere of your working area. Make sure the temperature is well-maintained, the odor is encouraging, and the noises are minimal. Meanwhile, avoid accumulating clutter around your workstation. That being said, clutter means more than just garbage and tidiness. It includes random wires, cables, and any forms of disorganization. All of these measures make for a more productive environment that’s devoid of distractions and discomfort.

6. Add Your Personal Touch

Who said that a workstation has to be plain and devoid of any personal touches? On the contrary, the best and the most comfortable home office should welcome you into work (yes, another method to trick your brain into working). You can start decorating with simple items, such as desk portraits or candles, but your options are diverse in reality. It all comes down to your own style and what can put you in a better mood. If a coffee-machine is that thing, then do get a coffee-machine by all means.

Now that you’re taking the first steps towards being a remote employee, your work routine is about to change completely. There are a couple of things you should do to prepare for this big move, the first of which is setting up your home office. While you’re doing that, make sure you’re setting up everything for your maximum comfort – you’ll need it.