Blood tests are very common in determining the root cause of a problem or illness. Most people do not like blood tests and many have a fear of needles or blood. Often blood tests are important in confirming a diagnosis, so they must be done. There are many reasons why you may need a blood test, read on to find out why and what you can expect.

What a Blood Test Can Be Used For

A blood test may be asked for many reasons. If you are going to give blood, a blood test is often taken first to determine your blood type if you do not know and to check that your blood is safe to donate (meaning you do not have any underlying illnesses). A blood test can show a doctor many things such as the levels of things in your blood, like iron. This can be used to show your general health and if your iron is low, you may be anemic. It can be checked to see if you have an infection and determine how well some of your organs are working, such as the liver. It can also be used to screen for certain genetic conditions before having a baby.

Preparing for Your Blood Test

If you are worried about your blood test, speak to the doctor or phlebotomist before going ahead. They can help alleviate your fears and if you do have a phobia or have a tendency to faint, it is important that the healthcare professionals know so that they can lie you down when taking your blood. Depending on the blood test that you are going to have, you may be asked to stop taking a medication or to fast before the test. You will be informed of all of this and it is extremely important to follow any instructions given as otherwise this could give a false blood test. If you are interested in a career in blood taking, check out Phlebotomy Schools in Miami.

How You Get Results

After your blood is taken, it will be sent to a laboratory where it will be examined under a microscope by a trained professional who can spot any deformities in the blood. It may be tested with certain chemicals depending on what your doctor is trying to find out. These results will then be sent back to your local hospital or your doctor to look at. Some tests can be carried out in one day, others may take a few days, and some may take a few weeks. This is important as depending on what needs to be checked will determine what needs to be done to the blood and how long it will take. You will be informed how you will be given your results whether this be in person or over the phone.

Nobody enjoys getting a blood test, but they are incredibly important in determining many conditions and illnesses or lack of. They will only be taken if necessary and it takes a few minutes to take blood. If you are worried, take a friend or relative with you to look after you and distract you.