8 Steps to Writing Your Way into College – Secrets of an Unbeatable Admission Essay

Entry to college is not an easy task; you have to prove that you are worth the position, that you will make a feasible contribution to college life, and that it is you who the college needs. So, getting to college is your dream. How to make this happen?

One way to introduce yourself and make your person memorable is writing a college entrance essay; it has to be impressive and introduce you in the favorable light for the committee to want to have you in the college team. To help you in this task, we have compiled some valuable advice to make a powerful statement with your admission paper, to help you stand out of the crowd and get the aspired admission.


1. Make your entrance essay a vivid portrait of yourself. Admission essays serve as a vital instrument of the first acquaintance with applicants. If you manage to show your extraordinary talent, character, and other features attractive for the committee, they are more likely to remember you and invite for an interview.

2. Collect and tell the stories of your life. Thinking that your life is plain and uninteresting is wrong! Every life is unique in its own way, and even the most normal and most traditional families have some sweet traditions, lovely moments, and funny stories to share. Take your old family photos, talk to parents – find a life story that may deserve writing an essay about.

3. Find proper balance between creativity and technique. Proper mechanics is a must; even if your essay is the most impressive and memorable one, making mistake in every word will definitely scare the committee off you.

4. Keep in mind the audience of your essay. Remember that you are writing for the college admission committee; they are adult professionals knowing what to look for in numerous papers they see every day. Be original and competent!

5. Observe the principles of ethics. Never plagiarize; buying papers is also strongly not recommended. In case these issues are revealed, you can forget about getting admitted there.

6. Avoid clichés. Obviously, an admission paper should follow some writing rules. But don’t take following samples too diligently – if your essay is 1000th similar essay the committee sees, they will not take it seriously.

7. Choose an appropriate tone. Be yourself, this is the key purpose of writing an admission essay! Do not pretend to be someone you are not – do not exaggerate things, boast achievements, or what is worse – fall into self-pity. Just write sincerely from your personal viewpoint, and your audience will hear you.

8. Edit, proofread, and ask peers for review. After long hours of writing, you may fail to see some evident mistakes, so don’t be shy to ask parents or peers to have a fresh look so that you polish the paper before final submission.


Following these simple recommendations may take you one step closer to the dream of getting to college. Start early, do not haste and fear a failure, and make your personality stand out in every line of the admission essay – that will be a sure success!