You can never know what someone’s going through, especially when it comes to conceiving.

Perhaps your mother-in-law wonders when you’ll be giving your child a sister or brother?

Maybe you’re beating yourself up, too, because you’ve been blindsided by your newfound infertility?

Unfortunately, many never consider the possibility that infertility could apply to them, especially if they’ve had one or more children. However, many can experience secondary infertility, or infertility after having one or more successful pregnancies.

You may have found yourself exploring every available option, searching out information on the latest fertility treatments and came across an egg bank like Donor Egg Bank USA.

Could donor eggs be your family building solution?

4 Reasons to Choose Frozen Donor Eggs

1. You’re ready for a second or third child, but your eggs are, well, a little past their prime.

Unfortunately, our biological clock is real. Women are born with all the eggs we’ll ever have, and each monthly cycle depletes our stores. By age 35, we experience a noticeable decline in fertility. On top of that, egg quality also decreases with age, meaning the eggs we have left are more likely to have abnormalities. Advanced maternal age is one of the most common reasons women turn to a donor egg cycle to conceive.

If you’ve already had children, your time spent being pregnant and caring for them pushes you even closer to advanced maternal age, especially if you’ve waited before having more children.

2. You’re a warrior and have come out victorious against cancer! But the medications have done a real number on your reproductive system.

Cancer treatment can affect fertility, depending on what kind of cancer it was and what kind of medication or treatment was required.

While there are ways to preserve a woman’s fertility like egg freezing, studies suggest that women are unfortunately less likely to be informed about these options than men. So, while beating cancer is absolutely something to be proud of, it may have left you facing another challenge to overcome before experiencing pregnancy again.

3. You’ve experienced premature menopause.

Some people simply have a low ovarian reserve due to experiencing menopause before age 40. Genetics, illness or certain medical procedures can cause premature menopause, which can signal the end of a woman’s childbearing years unless she seeks assistance.

4. You can experience pregnancy with donor eggs

Bonding and experiencing the joy of nurturing your baby in your womb are two great advantages of using donor eggs. Using your partner’s sperm is very common among couples using an egg donor, and you’ll be able to carry your baby.

How does the frozen donor egg process work?

Once a couple comes to the decision to use frozen donated eggs, they can begin the process of finding their donor.

Using frozen donor eggs is convenient because they are already collected, frozen, and ready to use, unlike fresh donor eggs. Parents can often browse a vast database of donors who have already undergone extensive screening. Vitrification, a new flash freezing technique in freezing eggs, also ensures the success rates of frozen eggs are nearly identical to fresh eggs.

Once your frozen donor eggs have been selected, they’re shipped to your fertility clinic where they’ll be thawed, fertilized, cultured and implanted into your womb. You’ll have taken medications in advance to give your body its best shot at successfully conceiving.

Donor eggs provide renewed hope after secondary infertility

Once you receive confirmation of your pregnancy after your Two Week Wait, take care of that baby as he or she grows inside you!

Delight in the amazing gift you’re giving your existing child or children as they watch in wonder as the baby grows inside you, too. It’s amazing what our bodies can do, and what they can give us in return.

Because there’s always hope.