Hundreds of dynamic partygoers celebrated the return of Las Vegas’ premier winter day life party, Ghostbar Dayclub (GBDC), the over-the-top bash inside the freshly upgraded Ghostbar  at Palms Casino Resort on Saturday (10/19/13) afternoon.
Throughout the afternoon, revelers engaged in zany contests that involved beer bongs and big wheel mini car races while DJs Mark Stylz and Exodus hyped the crowd with top 40 dance hits.  GBDC, always full of surprises, ignited the crowd when Derrick Barry, a famed female celebrity impersonator who appeared on “America’s Got Talent,” dressed as Lady Gaga in a flesh covered bra and panties set embroidered with sparkling seashells and flowers, performed the hit song “Applause.” All eyes were on the impersonator when he later returned as Britney Spears, performing her new hit, “Work Bitch,” wearing a black satin bra with black glitter boy shorts.
The highlight of the event was when the club pleasantly surprised a group of marines in uniform with a magnum bottle of champagne, complete with an eccentric presentation to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.”  All eyes were on the marines who were smiling from ear-to-ear while GBDC’s gorgeous go go dancer’s came out with glowsticks, confetti and score card letters spelling out “T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U.”
In addition to the surprise performances, guests enjoyed confetti explosions, wild bottle presentations, group shot skis, brown bagged 40 ounce beers, and whimsical party favors including GBDC branded football eye blacks, plastic lips, glow in the dark glasses and more.

GBDC Season 3

GBDC kicks off season 3 at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. (Fury)

Beer bong at GBDC

Partygoers engage in a beer bong contest at GBDC. (Fury)

Marines at GBDC

US Marines are all smiles after being surprised with a magnum bottle of champagne. (Fury)








Derrick Barry, a famed female impersonator, suprises GBDC guests with a performance of “Applause,” dressed like Lady Gaga. (Steffy)


Derrick Barry, a famed female impersonator, returns to treat guests to a performance as Britney Spears, singing “Work Bitch.” (Steffy)



Confetti falls from the sky to a packed house of partygoers at GBDC’s season 3 launch party. (Fury)

Cheeseburger attack


GBDC’s gorgeous go go dancer’s prepare to pass out cheeseburgers to hungry revelers. (Fury)








A group of blushing bachelorettes party hard at GBDC. (Fury)
Photo Credit: Bryan Steffy and Joe Fury