Ryan Crane is back again with his latest Deep House effort, ‘Memory Loss’. The talented DJ and producer is seeking to continue his ascension within the House province and further his already impressive success. With projects such as: ‘Samo’, ‘Heat’, ‘Heroes’, ‘Ok Go’, ‘We Are Strong’, ‘Street Level’, ‘Slimer EP’, ‘Twist’, ‘We Love You’, and ‘Lazy Days’, all released within the last two years, Ryan Crane is putting out quality tracks at a rapid rate. ‘Memory Loss’ marks another important step in his development and might be considered his most noteworthy track so far. Already gaining the support of international DJs such as: Larry Tee, Dan McKie, JJ Mullor, Phil Turnipseed, Suz Curter, Adam Meza, and Vanilla Ace, this single is surely a grand start for Ryan Crane this year.


Kicking off with a no-nonsense back-beat groove accompanying the pulled-back, dreamy synth loop the single sets the tone for what’s to come. The groove is intensified with the introduction of the four-on-the-floor kick pattern and open Hi-Hat phrasing, which offers a unique blend to the filtered vocals. The electronic trumpet-like effect foreshadows the next section, which is stripped back of the drum groove to give way to the sporadic lead melody to be heard. The solid drum beat is re-introduced with some added deep bass elements, providing a considerable lift to the production. Ryan Crane pulls back on the energy levels once more by applying heavy filtering on the vocals, utilising a bass-synth and effects led accompaniment in the background, together with a plain kick pattern, later also taking away the bass drum to further enhance the contrast. The skilled DJ offers different variations of the main section, taking full control on dynamic levels, proposing diverse textures and offering a wide range of his unique, signature sounds. ‘Memory Loss’ is a sheer display of Ryan Crane’s musical maturity, immense talent and versatility.

Ryan Crane’s latest production ‘Memory Loss’ is being released by Electric Life Records. This eclectic electronic music label is involved within different genres including: House, Electro, Dubstep, Breaks, Trance and Chill-Out. With such an outstanding single, Electric Life Records are surely proud to have Ryan Crane as their key man, central to their growing roster including other important names such as: Ardentronic, Brad Machado, Speaker Bots, Lunatics of Sound, Jake Chec, Easy Toys, Starc, Lex & Park, Alien By Design, 2-Bit Whore, Synergy-F and Tony Day.

Out 23rd Feb on Electric Life Records

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