Not everyone has a spare bedroom or a finished basement where they can maintain a dedicated space for fitness. If you don’t want to keep your exercise equipment stored in the closet or under your bed, here are a couple of ways to better integrate your proclivity for healthy living into your home. Check out Review YT for advice on workout programs and healthy eating guides, so that you can make your home into a well-designed personal gym. Here are a few of the most critical factors you should keep in mind when setting up your home to be a comfortable exercise space.

How to Exercise in a Home with Limited Space

In reality, you don’t need a treadmill, a leg press machine, or a stationary bicycle in order to work up a mean sweat while getting fit at home. Even so, most workout enthusiasts prefer having a selection of equipment in their homes so that they don’t get bored with working out. A lot of exercise equipment is collapsible, meaning that it can be folded up and hidden away when it isn’t in use. Alternatively, you can use apps, video games, and even workout DVD to help you hit your fitness goals if space inside of your home is a concern. Find an area somewhere in your house where you will be able to stretch out, warm up, and move around freely when you’re doing your workout routines.

Making an Exercise Area Comfortable

Yoga mats, kettlebells, and weighted gloves all come in useful when you’re hitting the gym at home. You might be able to find a small area in your bedroom that works well for working out if there is ample space and a multitude of amenities. You don’t need much furniture to make a workout area comfortable, but you should think about things like flooring and lighting. Ideally, the place where you workout at home should be free of plush rugs, have natural or fluorescent lighting and have enough room for you to fully outstretch your arms.

Creating a Personalized Space to Workout

Whether you end up doing crunches in your living room or find a space in the study where you can workout uninterrupted, the room has to feel personal for you to really get into your workouts. Put up a few inspirational posters or even a picture of the food pyramid. This might also be the space where you put your scale and keep your measuring tape so that you can track your progress. Paint the walls vibrant colors so that you feel energized while exercising. Stickers and decals are also a way to personalize a workout area that won’t really change the overall look of a room but can add a bit of personality to a small area.

Having a limited area to workout at home isn’t a negative if you look at things the right way. The small area you use to workout in your home can be a deeply inspirational space that you go to get into ‘the zone,’ which might make you even more dedicated to meeting your weight loss goal. Have somewhere you can workout in your house, so you don’t even need to spend money on a gym membership.