“Sexercise” Jason Rosell Launches “Caliente Body Series”
Caliente Fitness’ leading lifestyle expert, influencer and celebrity trainer, Jason Rosell, is launching the “Caliente Body Workout Series,” consisting of three new transformative workout programs designed to be executed in comfort of one’s own home, utilizing one’s personal body weight. The workouts are titled “Caliente Total Body,” “Caliente Abs,” and “Caliente Cardio,” respectively. Renowned for his eclectic combination of (his own) music, dancing and workout routines (all available in English and Spanish), Rosell is a fervent ambassador for people who aspire to change their lives and lifestyles by losing weight and building muscle without having to join a gym. The “Caliente Body Workout Series” are now available on his brand new website, CalienteBody.com, with accessible retail prices starting at just $19.95, and can be purchased individually or in a bundle.
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Some Tips from Jason are:
1) Keep your workouts short, sweet and to the point!
2) Eat 3 main meals and 2 snacks in between to keep your metabolism high. This will cause your body to always be in fat burning mode 24-7
3) Always stretch before and after working out to prevent any injuries.