There is absolutely no reason why you should not be able to store your wedding dress, or any other type of clothing, in self-storage. What’s important is how you store the dress and other clothes. That said, here are some tips on how to properly store clothes in self-storage:

Declutter, sort, and organize

The first thing you should do is declutter your closet or space by removing all the clothes and putting them aside. Then, sort them out and organize them into three or four piles, assuming that you have that many clothes. If not, you can simply organize them into fewer piles. The first pile should be the clothes that you wear regularly, and those should go back into your closet. The second pile should be the clothes you want to put in storage. The third pile should be clothes you want to sell or give away.

Clean your clothes

Wash and dry the pile of clothes that are going to self-storage. It is imperative that you make sure the clothes are completely dry. If you store damp clothes in self-storage, they are going to smell, and the moisture will cause mold growth. Over time, your clothes could then be completely damaged.

Create an inventory

Create an inventory of the clothes you want to go into self-storage. This should help you determine the size of the storage unit you need. By creating a simple and accurate inventory, you’ll know precisely what clothes you have in storage. You should also make sure to update your inventory whenever you remove any clothes from the storage unit.

Pack your clothes

When you are storing clothes long-term, you need to use the proper storage containers to keep them in good condition. Avoid putting them in suitcases or cardboard boxes as these types of containers do very little to keep clothes in good condition. Instead, consider using plastic boxes. These storage containers come in varying sizes, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding the sizes that you want. Avoid using vacuum-sealed bags to store your clothes long-term as clothes need some air to stay fresh and maintain their structure. However, these storage bags are ideal for short-term storage.

Find a good storage unit

The last step is to find a suitable storage unit to store your clothes. Contact some storage providers and compare their prices and the types of storage units they have, and then make a decision. If you want to know more about the services storage facilities provide, visit

Wrapping up

Storage providers charge a monthly fee for their storage units, but there are other hidden costs, like insurance fees and setup fees, that might be included in the monthly rent. Make sure that you talk to your provider about the total cost of the storage unit. Ask as many questions as possible to avoid problems later. Once you have all the cost details, then go back to your budget and see if you can afford it or not. Bear in mind that location can influence the cost of a storage unit. Typically, storage units located in the city are costlier than those located outside the city.