From model to actress to philanthropist and a board member of a non-profit organization called ‘Face Forward, Milan born Simona Fusco with over 30 movies and TV credits to her name has graced the covers of countless magazines worldwide and has been described as “Hollywood’s new it Girl,” by the New York Post, “A modem day Bo Derek,” by Esquire, “Blonde Bombshell,” by Maxim, “Golden Goddess,” by People, and “The most spectacular looking blonde since Marilyn Monroe,” by Beverly Hills magazine.

Describe yourself in 3 words!


How did you begin your career?

I began my career modeling at only 8 years of age. I was approached by model scouts in Europe to appear in a Lacoste ad

How and when did you start into modeling?

After my Lacoste ad, I got an offer for a Benetton ad and so forth. At 14 a move to the U.S. followed.

What is fun and rewarding about modeling? 

And what is not? The fun part is traveling and seeing your work published. The not so fun part is traveling too much and that you have a very limited time to be a model.

What is the biggest highlight of your career?

My highest accomplihment so far is that I was presented by the Mayor of Los Angeles with a Global Excellence Award in Women’s Entrepreuneurship.

How did you get involved in acting?

Once again I was approached my agents and casting directors. However, the entertainment business mostly cojsists of who you know in the indusrty.

Tell us about “Beverly Hills Christmas”?

I am one of the producers of this movie staring Dean Cain. It’ll air December on UP TV. With help from a guardian angel, a spoiled rich, very material teenage girl learns that true value is found in assisting others and not in material things.

How do you prepare for a character?

Well, I typically read the material thouroughly and rehearse with my scene partners or even my acting couch. I am very compassionate. By nature I have a tendency to put myself into other people’s shoes and eveluate how I would feel/react given their situation. Acting is much about being a good observant of people’s actions/behavior and interpreting them.

Who is your favorite actress/actor?

Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep,

If you could choose, what three actors would you really want to work with?

Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep and with Sean Connery in James Bond.

How is a regular day in your life?

Hectic. I run 3 businesses. My entertainment career, my award winning matchmaking service Perfect 12 in Beverly Hills and my online boutique Style by Simona Fusco.com. Between the 3 and being a single mother, one can imagine I have little room for downtime.

How do you stay fit?

I like enjoying walks and hikes with my dog. He is the best trainer I have had to date lol.

Do you have any diet?

I eat healthy, organic, whole foods and drink Kangen water.

What is your favorite healthy food?

I love cold pressed juices containing beets, ginger, lemon and apple. It’s cleansing and energizing.

And your favorite cheat food?

Cheat food, probably eat too much steak lol. I love steak houses.

Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why?

My all time favorite models are the original Supermodels of the 90s, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Shiffer, Linda Evangelista, etc. They exuded class, style and femininty. Too much of today is all about nudity. Leaves little to the imagination and I don’t find that sexy or appealing. My favorite fashion designers are the fashion in my online botuique Style by Simona Fusco.com!

What are your makeup bag staples when traveling?

Revitalising mist and lotion by La Prairie. Anything that keeps my skin moisturized.

Do you support any charity?

I most certainly do. I support mostly children’s and cancer charities since my mom passed of cancer. I also just recently started a Charity in honor my my mom called The Maria Gruber Foundation.org. Conquering cancer one donation at a time.

What’s your favorite quote?

Never let success go to your head and failure go to your heart.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Happily retired on an island.

Any loves, other then acting and modeling?

My other businesses, Perfect 12 and Style by Simona Fusco.com.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still on that island.

How important is Social Media for you?

It is important to promote your business. Otherwise it is a wast of time.

Where we can follow you?

Instagram simonafusco_official and Facebook Simona Fusco fanpage, Perfect 12 Inc and Style by Simona Fusco

Holiday Destination: Could go both ways, tropical to Bora Bora or Europe

Drink: Champagne with Chambord

Song: Lately lots of Coldplay

Celebrity Crush: I don’t have celebrity crushes since I have met them in person and they are always different then you see on TV. However, I do admire business people that ahve accomplished things on their own and give back to society for example Charles Branson form Virgin, Or Oprah, etc

Movie: Notebook

Book: Cookbooks as I am learning to cook