Ex-smokers know how hard it is to quit smoking once you have become used to it. Smoking is one of the many vices of human beings which can result in addiction and extreme health risks. Smokers who understand the many harms of smoking can finally decide upon quitting smoking and they need help in this regard. The use of nicotine alternatives such as ecig may be helpful in this regard but it is good to let go of the addiction entirely.  You may start smoking along but quitting it is an entirely difficult task and requires devotion and strong will. Following tips can help you in quitting smoking:
1. Pick a quitting date:
Once you have decided to quit smoking, it is now time that you take necessary steps to realize the decisions. Start from picking a date for quitting of smoking. You can pick a date 1 week or 2 weeks after the day of making decisions. In these days, prepare yourself mentally about quitting smoking and work on strengthening your devotion. Abstaining from smoking is not an abrupt task and needs some preparatory time for its effective implementation.
2. Take help from family and friends:
As stated earlier, you may start smoking along but you will require the help of other when it comes to quitting it. When your selected quitting date arrives, ask your close friends or family members to accompany you all through the day. Ask them to keep an eye on your activities to prevent you from rebounding.  Having companions and moral support by your side can prove to be highly effective In quitting smoking.
3. Know your options:
One of the major reasons of smoking addiction is body’s urge for nicotine inhalation. Tobacco cigarettes may be a strong source of nicotine but a number of less harmful nicotine replacements such as ecigs are available in the market. Know all your available options such as ecigs or NRTs and if quitting gets hard, make use of your options.
4. Identify and remove smoking triggers:
Another major reason for smoking rebound is smoking triggers. Stress, mental instability, peer pressure, certain memories and a number of other circumstances can trigger the urge to smoke in quitters. Tell your friends to be cooperative and not put too much pressure on you. Remove all smoking triggers from your life to reduce the chances of rebound.
5. Stick to your decision:
There is no doubt in the fact that smoking requires an adamant willpower. You cannot just simply trust verbal promises to help you in quitting smoking. A constant supply of motivational talks and self-accountability is what you need for effective self-control and devotion for quitting smoking. Channel as much positivity in your life as you can and stick to your quitting smoking decision once you have made it. When in doubt, look back at your progress and stop yourself from discontinuing it. Keeping yourself busy in your passion or profession as much as you can is another way of sticking to your decision and giving up smoking.