Have you ever felt jealous of women who manage to look attractive every time they step out of the house? Irrespective of how expensive your clothes are and how long you take to dress up, if you are not achieving that look, maybe there is a problem with the way you choose your attire.


Make sure you try out the clothes before investing in them. Good brands usually take a lot of effort in right measurements. Even when you buy online, you can look at the size charts and ensure the closest fit before placing an order. You can always alter the clothes if you are not satisfied with the finish.

Body shape

Even if you feel your dress fits you right, if it is highlighting your problem areas, you are not going to love wearing it. Choose designs that draw attention away from your tummy, thighs or your flabby arms. You can use layered tops, belts, jackets, embellishments, scarves etc. to cover up imperfections. Irrespective of your body shape, if you pick the right type of clothing, you will instantly look attractive and glamorous.


This is probably the most important feature to keep in mind before you finalize your dress. Different colors flatter different types of people. When you buy shades that do not compliment your beautiful skin, you will not end up looking the way you want. Understand your skin type, get a list of colors that suit your skin tone complexion and then work your wardrobe around this. This way, any clothing you pick, you will always look bright and comfortable in it.


You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on new clothes every time. Have pieces that you can mix and match to give you a completely new look every single time. For instance, a simple white shirt can be paired with your jeans, with a formal skirt, with dungarees and even with ethnic skirts. When you keep changing your look, you instantly get popular amidst friends and peers


It is very important you dress based on the occasion. Office wear, casual wear, school wear, party wear etc. need to be segregated in your wardrobe. This will ensure you are not standing out like a sore thumb and attracting negative attention.

Accessorize right

One of the best qualities of well-dressed women around you is their ability to accessorize right. There are so many accessories to choose from including jewelry, handbags, clutches, footwear, scarves etc. These can do wonders for uplifting your look from boring to dashing.

When it comes to accessorizing, the common mistake people commit is over-doing it. Pick one or two accessories at a time to prevent looking like a mannequin. You do not have to match the color of the accessories with your clothing. Contrast shades are very popular these days.

Use these tricks to work on your wardrobe and be the best-dressed person in the crowd all the time!