We may have more time these days and many of us do not want to go ahead and spend it in front of a digital device. We want to genuinely experience the world and try out new hobbies and activities.

One of these activities may be that of smoking cigars. Now, smoking cigars is quite a big deal. It can have quite an impact on our social life and it can help us to start living again in the real world instead of being glued to our digital devices all day.

But the fact of the matter is that many of us do not know how to do it. We do not know how to smoke a cigar well because, well, we never had the need to do so.

If you are in this group of people, then we’re thinking about you. Here are a few elements to keep in mind when smoking cigars!

Smoking Cigars Should Be Pleasurable

Smoking a cigar should be a pleasurable and relaxing experience, but it is also a particular and ritualistic procedure that may bring tobacco fans together. Without direction on appreciating a cigar, it can quickly become a challenging experience for someone new to the world of cigars.

Unraveling wrappers, uneven burns, canoeing, and harsh smoke are problems that new and veteran smokers face. This section contains some smoking advice for smokers of all levels to resolve some of the most typical concerns when enjoying a cigar.

Cutting a cigar

Cutting a cigar correctly is a crucial stage in the process to guarantee that you get the most enjoyment out of it. The cut must be done softly and accurately, regardless of the sort of cutting process you use.

– Single & double blade
This is the most challenging cut to master, yet many cigar fans like it because it allows its draw to completely “open.”

Lighting A Cigar

It’s just as vital to get the cigar’s cut correct as it is to have it appropriately lighted. The way the cigar burns and maintains its overall structure is determined by how it is lit. If you’re going to use a lighter, make sure it’s made of high-quality butane so the cigar’s flavors don’t get messed up.


Cigars are constructed from quality tobacco leaves that have been matured and cured to release oils, making them distinct from other tobacco products. If a cigar is not correctly smoked, the oils in the tobacco might be destroyed, altering the taste and pleasure of the cigar.

Cigars are a sign of leisure and happiness, and how they are smoked should reflect this. When you smoke a cigar too rapidly, an excessive amount of heat is pulled into the cigar, destroying the oils and generating flaws in the way it burns.

To avoid an overheated cigar, the smoker should draw until a complete ember forms, and the necessary smoke is produced, then let the cigar cool for 20 to 30 seconds without re-engaging.

Remember that smoking cigars is an art form but you do not have to be very stuck up about it. Learn to live in the moment and enjoy good conversation and great people.