Whether you’re on vacation or planning a day out at the beach, snacking is vital in between meals! The problem lies in the choice between nachos or sticking to your healthy lifestyle. Nachos might be delicious but they’re definitely not nutritious, and you’ll be feeling hungry in an hour. I’ve comprised a list of my 7 favorite on the go snacks that are both nutritious and delicious!


  • Almonds

Almonds are packed with calcium, fiber, potassium and protein. They’re a good snack that won’t spoil in the sun. Watch out for sodium though!

  • Dried Fruit

Sweet dried mangos or banana chips are a delicious way to snack and stay fit. They don’t need to be refrigerated and won’t be sticky in the sun!

  • Tuna Packets

Tuna is protein packed and will keep you full! Try bringing along some brown rice cakes to pair with your tuna and you have a mini meal!

  • Low-sodium popcorn

Popcorn without added butter has 31 calories per 1 cup serving. It won’t weigh you down, and is a great option between meals.

  • Peanut Butter

As a self-professed nut butter junkie, peanut butter is my absolute go to snack! There are small packets of peanut butter, almond butter, and chocolate hazelnut butter made by Justin’s that are the best on the go snack in my opinion. Pair them with a couple of rice cakes and you are all set! The best part of Justin’s nut butters is that they are all natural and taste amazing!

  • Carrots/ celery with hummus or nut butters

The only snack on my list that requires some kind of cooling system, but they are found in all grocery stores and even some convenience stores.

  • Low-sodium Pita Chips

Pita chips will keep you from binging on French fries, especially if you’re having a craving for salty foods. Grab a handful and get to snackin’!

By Chelsea Clark


Instagram: @cheekychel_fit