In treating your beard there are a couple of ways to go about it, although the manner and method to go about is dependant on what you are looking to achieve in your look. Whether looking for a bushy lumberjack look or a more groomed and styled beard it is essential to keep it well maintained.

An increasingly popular way to keep facial hair well maintained and in good condition is to make use of a heated beard straightener. The reason for this is that it works to enhance features of the beard that end up being neglected by other means of grooming. For this reason, in many men’s grooming routine a straightener has been added as an essential step in getting the best look for their facial hair.

Whilst combing is an incredibly important step in cultivating a strong look or a beard, as it works on getting the knots out of the hair. It does little for split ends and for reducing frizz, and if not done properly can cause the problem of raising more stray hairs in your beard. This is where the advantages of using a straightener come in, by adding this to a maintenance routine it makes the hair considerably more manageable as the hair becomes more relaxed and as such can be moulded to the tastes of the person growing it.

The reason for the hairs becoming more relaxed is due to the heated element of the straightener breaks apart the chemical bonds of the hair in your beard. And then as the hairs begin to cool down again following being straightened, the bonds begin to rebuild and come back together. You are able to control better the shape of your facial hair as it is cooling down, and once a bond is fully rebuilt, It is rebuilt in the shape the hairs are in when once it has cooled down. It is important that the heated element is in contact with as much as the hair as possible, as this allows for the best control in grooming and shaping the hair and as such allowing for you to have much better control in how your beard will look.

By allowing for your facial hair to be shaped in this way after being straightened is essential for making up for what simply combing cannot do. As mentioned, combing is excellent for getting rid of knotted hair in a beard in the same way it would hair anywhere else. It often leads to more stray hairs arising which is far from the desired look when grooming your beard. Which is where the importance of a straightener being used in any routine is highlighted. By being able to apply the heated surface to your hair it allows for the hair to keep shape as a result of holding the position it was in when it cooled down and the bonds in hair being rebuilt in that position. Using the two methods together can allow for a beard to reach its full potential as it ensures that the problems of frizz and split ends are dealt with in the same way any unwanted curls are.