Halloween season is upon us, and we must dress up the spookiest we can. The one-year pandemic has most definitely taken a toll on our fun holidays, and so to compensate, we should go the extra mile. And what better occasion could there be if not Halloween.

To get into the monster mode, we need to sort our accessories. After deciding on the look we are going for, we should get onto jewelry – the most dramatic part. These stunning yet frightening jewelry pieces are enough to get you into the other universe, from spider pendants to evil eye bracelets. Keeping the look two-toned should be the priority here as they are quite a rage this season.

To save you from hassle, we have put together a few such jewelry pieces that will add more spark to the Halloween costume and your day-to-day ensembles as well. Have a read.

1. Holy Trinity Ring

The spookiest night of the year is almost upon us, and we have the perfect embellishment to brighten up your costume. If you’re looking to adorn yourself with something subtle yet statement-worthy, then a stylish cross ring will look perfectly modern yet chaotic. Plus, you can do more with your holy trinity adornment after the trick or treat night gets over. In case you want to pull off a nun look, pair the ring in a silver or gold metal tone with a classic strand of the diamond bracelet and a stack of personalized rings to complete your look for the festival. For everyday wear, you can carry the ring alone, with your favorite timepiece or a dainty pendant chain in a similar gold-tone, and you’re good to go.

2. Evil Eye Bracelet

Master your fears and redirect the negative stares full of envy and dislike that have been upon you this year with a scene-stealing evil eye bracelet made of Shungite. Shungite bracelet, made from a carbon-rich mineraloid, has inherent purification properties to protect the wearer from negative energies and forces. The extraordinarily powerful crystal consists of the crystallized form of carbon, giving it antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects that can help aid skin diseases, injuries, and sore muscles. The stone can act as personal protection against harmful EMFs and would look all kinds of spooky and fun next to your Halloween ensemble.

3. Broken Heart Studs

With the timeless classic design that has a simple dark twist, enjoy a pair of Tanzanite earrings studs in the shape of a broken heart. It exudes timeless charm, with the perfect mix of betrayal and edge for the night. Style the pair of saturated blue studs with your Halloween costume, be it of a cursed witch, a spooky character from a popular horror movie, or the classic Bloody Mary, ready to turn up the temperature in the room. Feel free to express your unique style with your choice of jewelry, and stick to many or fewer pieces you like. For all you know, after the year that we’ve had, people are already terrified enough and want to create a cheerful memory instead.

4. Two-Face Ring

Use Halloween as an opportunity to plop some eerie creatures over different parts of your body – and yes, we do mean something spookier than bugs and snakes. A two-face ring is strange enough to terrify your friends and family, but imprinted on a sterling-silver setting, with a stunning set of sparkling stones, makes it deliciously attractive to align with your attire. Worn with a black dress and some platform shoes, the adornment will create a haunting look, embracing the don’t-wish-to-look-at-it vibe of the festival.

5. Black Pearl Necklace

Halloween is all about celebrating the shade black – it’s unsettling, terrifying, and absorbs all things magical and joyous. It’s about time that people extend the color into their accessory styles along with their costumes. A perfect string of black pearls or pendant will enhance/highlight the haunted costume you wear for the night and get reused later. We recommend going for a cooler metal tone such as silver or platinum to enhance the ebony dark shade of the pearls. You can also wear a matching pair of danglers or clip-on earrings to complete the overall look.