Check our interview with lifestyle company dynamic duo Timelapse.

While the design of watch movements has an extensive history that dates back to the 16th century, the story of Timelapse Co. began in 2015. With collections focused on blurring the lines between art, craft, and fashion, while inspiring appreciation for the present, Timelapse Co. brings the same historical artistic qualities and geometric precision that original watchmakers had into pieces with a modern focus.

Tell us about Timelapse and why the brand is called Timelapse? 

Timelapse Co. is a Los Angeles-born lifestyle company that makes jewelry and accessories for the modern world. The name came from our original designs that launched the brand: a collection of gender fluid necklaces and rings that coupled antique and vintage watch movements with modern design aesthetics. The name focuses on an aspect of our core brand philosophy, which is about always finding inspiration in and appreciation for the present moment.

Your publicist said you are a dynamic duo, tell us about your background and your vision for the brand.

We think that our diverse backgrounds are big parts of what allows us to work so well together. Andie comes from an entertainment and culinary background, having spent a large number of years as an actress and organic specialty chef, while Michael comes from experiences in music, digital marketing, and finance. It’s really these differences between us that allow us to work so well together, not only by being complementary on the business side of things, but also when it comes to our designs and vision. Andie’s experiences as an actress provided her an appreciative eye for style and fashion, and her culinary experiences provide a unique eye for color and decoration, while Michael’s background in digital media served as a platform for his foray into jewelry design. Taken together, two minds meld into one to create the designs and shared vision that comprises Timelapse Co. We see the brand being known for more than just the designs we create, but instead being known for what we represent.

What do you think sets you apart from all the other jewelry brands?

For us, we see our products as more than just jewelry or even as art. Instead of being something that was designed to merely be a modern fashion piece, our products are magical pieces that inspire you, they’re designed to be pieces that bolster your inner strength; pieces that help you grow through times of adversity; pieces that encourage you to appreciate details; and pieces that remind you to value the present moment. Our core collections weren’t designed specifically for men or for women, but instead embrace aspects of both the femenine as well as masculine. At the same time, we bridge the boundaries between decades of fashion by uniquely combining the old and the new. Ultimately, our pieces are more than just jewelry – they’re personal totems designed to be worn everyday and everywhere.

Where do you see the brand in five years? 

We see ourselves having a worldwide reach and solid presence in major markets.

What influential figure would you like to meet and why? 

Andie: Oprah, my favorite Entrepreneur. I admire her courage to see beyond the limits that society imposes and became herself. I would like to give her one of our mustard seed pieces. She mentions a  paragraph in her new book- the mustard seed being the smallest of all seeds and grows to become a beautiful tree. Thank you Oprah for inspiring me.

Mike: I’d like to meet Elon Musk. His genius is unquestionable while vision for the future has unarguably helped to push our modern society forward in a big way. Aside from just his technical mind, though, he has an eye and appreciation for design as evidenced by his creations, and both of those things are incredibly inspiring.

What is the inspiration for the next collection? 

We have a few lines coming out.

A collaboration with fashion designer Mellisa Pellone

A collaboration with Miss Burbank for the next Miss California USA.

We’re also working on other upcoming collections, so stay tuned!

What type of impact do you wish to create with your audience? 

As mentioned above the brand philosophy is finding inspiration in the present moment, meaning that we consider ourselves to be pieces of Art in time not dictated by time/ Why we took the watches and transformed them into jewelry. Jewelry has been used since the beginning of time to adorn women, men and children, we would like to continue doing that for our society with the concept that you can empower yourself with our pieces to be inspired to grow and better yourself in your day to day life.

What advice can you give aspiring designers? 

Andie: Stay focused on you path and keep pushing through the hard times. This too shall pass is my motto in the hard times. Always stay positive, don’t waste time in laminate and regret it stops you from living your genius self.

Mike: I believe that the beauty of art can’t be quantified or measured… so learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable so you can push yourself to continuously experiment  and improve, and build the courage to always trust yourself.

What causes do you believe in and support? 

We’re big advocates of environmental causes, and it’s reflected in our core philosophies. Being a part of the fashion industry and realizing how large-scale sourcing negatively impacts the environment, we’ve made it our mission to do our part in reducing our footprints as much as we can. Aside from upcycling possible and using recycled precious materials in our work as much as possible, we partner with various non-profit organizations around the world that aim to do good in alignment with our philosophies. Since we’re big animal lovers and know that fashion has been known to be a rather destructive industry, we aim to do our part in preventing deforestation by planting trees in the areas that have been most affected for every purchase made.

If given a chance to change the world, what would it be and why? 

Andie: I would make it illegal to use animals as factory items. I would push a laws were all animals are raised humanely out in the open with sunlight and kindness.

Mike: I’d take away our need to sleep so much so we can spend more time doing the things we love we the people that we love.

Where can we find Timelapse? 

You can find us in select boutiques as well as online at timelapseco.com.