At the moment, we’re all feeling a little more like curling up under the covers and less like flaunting a bikini body on the beach. Winter weather is no reason to say goodbye to looking after your health however – why not give your body and mind an overhaul in preparation for spring? Here are a few ways in which you can enrich your mind, body and soul.


Feed yourself healthy

We all know that eating a balanced diet can help to keep our waistlines in check, but have you considered the impact that brainfoods can have on your mental health? Try adding more oily fish to your diet and you’ll soon see a marked improvement on your brain function, joints and heart health. To keep your memory in check, feast on tomatoes – the lycopene within our favourite little fruits has been proven to slow the onset of dementia, while blueberries can prevent short term memory loss.

Get your blood pumping

The physical benefits of exercise speak for themselves, whether it’s helping to keep you fit or ensuring you maintain that bikini body. But there is also a multitude of cognitive benefits of cardiovascular exercise. By getting your heart rate up each day, whether it’s through a brisk walk or a sprint on the treadmill, you can increase oxygen to your brain, helping you feel better prepared to take on any of the day’s challenges. For best results, try getting your pulse going early in the mornings – it will clear your mind for the rest of the day.

Train your brain

While it’s important to keep your heart healthy through exercise, you can also stave off any potential cognitive problems later in life by taking part in a little brain training. Studies have shown that lateral thinking puzzles help to keep the brain stimulated and healthy in later life, whether it’s Sudoku or a game of chess. If that’s not exciting enough for you, card games have also proven beneficial in studies, and with more choice than ever at online options, such as Euro Palace casino promotions and others, there’s no excuse not to give your brain a workout.

Get some rest

All this hard work on your body and mind can take its toll, and that’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re getting the sleep you need. In general, adults need between seven and eight hours of sleep each night to function productively – try to create a routine to make sure you can establish a good sleeping pattern. While you sleep, your body takes the time to repair and damaged cells, including your skin, so make sure you give yourself enough shut eye. You’ll not only feel, but also look amazing!