Street The Movie Hitting Theatres
Starring Beau “Casper” Smart and Mark Ryan (Transformers) in a “Rocky meets Bloodsport” MMA Film With Some of the Most Realistic MMA Fight Scenes Ever Made!

Street is launching in theaters this week and is expected to be a hit.


Street is a film that should not be missed by any MMA fan. It features MMA icon Frank Trigg, and current fighters Matt Mitrione, Bellator Light-Heavyweight-Champion Emanuel Newton, former Bellator welterweight title challenger Jay Hieron and one of the most exciting fighters to ever come out of The Ultimate Fighter, Uriah Hall. Professional wrestler and former WWE champion John Hennigan. Street contains some of the best MMA fight scenes of any film ever made. Having a number of well-known, experienced MMA fighters takes the fight scenes to a realistic and powerfully intense level. Arnold Chon, one of the top fight choreographers in Hollywood as well as a trainer of real MMA fighters, is the man behind the action.


Arnold Chon has worked with Martial Arts legends including Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Wesley Snipes, Jean Claude Van Damme, Michael Jai White and Chuck Norris. Even more prevalent to the film, Chon has trained MMA fighters to a championship level in his spare time, both in Bellator and the UFC. Because of his real world experience with MMA fighters, he is regarded as the most knowledgeable coordinator in on-screen MMA fights.


“I think this film will be applauded by MMA enthusiasts while at the same time appealing to those who enjoy a good love story blended with action, and of course those who are inspired by come-from-behind underdog movies like Rocky, Warrior, Southpaw and other films of that genre,” stated Lyle Howry, Executive Producer.

Both Beau “Casper’ Smart and Mark Ryan give amazing performances.

Beau Casper Smart is known for his work on Step Up 3D (2010), Honey 2 (2011) andDance Flick (2009).

Mark Ryan also known for Transformers began working on the 2007 film during filming as the on-set voice of several different robots. This work continued throughout filming and into editing, prior to the actual casting of voice-over talent. He was then cast as the voice of the character Bumblebee. Ryan also voices Ironhide and Hoist for the Activision video game based on the film. He continued voice-work on “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” into 2009, performing several characters and standing in for the robots during principal photography.

In May 2010, Ryan returned to work on Transformers: Dark of the Moon, once again as the onset voice of the Autobots. Work on this third Michael Bay Blockbuster continued at locations across the US and also at Kennedy Space Center – Cape Canaveral. The film was shot in 3D with post production voice-work carrying on into the spring of 2011 at Bay Films and Ryan contributed uncredited military lines and voices to the final cut of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.


Both actors are fantastic in Street. This movie is a “sit on the edge of your seat”, rooting for the underdog film. Naluda Magazine gives this movie 5 stars for excitement, script, acting and action. We encourage all our readers to see this movie.

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