Beach waves are a must for every girl, whether on holiday or not. Rocking that tousled curls looking effortlessly like a mermaid will undoubtedly catch some looks. It also suits everyone, whether you have a short bob, medium length hair, or long flowy hair. You can style it any way you want it, but the only issue is how to achieve them. There are various ways to pull off the beach waves, but to help make it easier for you to obtain them, we will give you these couple of styling tips for you to follow. Continue reading below.

Use Heat Styling Tools

Using heat styling tools is the most common method in getting your beach waves. If you are a pro in heat styling tools, you can use a flatiron and wrap them around your hair. However, this can get tricky if you are not used to it. Another option is using an automatic hair curler that is the best for everyone – beginner or an expert. They are now widely used because they can save you time, effort, and burnt fingertips. No matter what you choose, make sure that you apply a heat protectant to protect your strands from potential heat damage.

Braid Your Hair Overnight

If you want an easier way, you can opt for getting your beach waves while you sleep. Although it may not achieve the same consistency and volume when you are using heat styling tools, they will not damage your hair as much as the former. What you need to do is braid your damp hair in large portions divided into different sections. Secure it with elastic and sleep on them. When you wake up in the morning, unravel the tie, comb them using your finger, and then you will have your messy and effortless beach wave style as soon as you wake up.

Try Hair Spray

There are two popular sprays to achieve those curls that you are dreaming of. These are the Salt Water Spray and Wave Spray. A Salt Water Spray is doing what literally saltwater from the beach does to your hair, it has sodium chloride to give your hair the texture you are aiming for. Wave Spray, on the other hand, is a buildable aerosol spray that will give your hair extra volume and texture. To use them, spray it a few inches away from your hair, give them a good scrunch and let them dry after. Now you can have your beach waves as easy as a couple of sprays.

Get A Perm

If you want the perfect beach waves that will last, then you can opt for a long-lasting option, which is a perm. Having your hair permed is a treatment that will undoubtedly be an excellent method to consider if you don’t mind the price and aftercare. There are many techniques and chemicals that can be used for a perm, which will determine the price for the treatment. You can visit a salon near you to ask about it.

With modern technology and many experienced hairdressers now, you can easily achieve and perfect the hair you like. With these styling tips mentioned, together with the right product and method, we hope you can now fulfill the beach waves you always wanted.