Summer is one of the most special times of the year when women get the opportunity to wear some of the most beautiful clothes and shoes without worrying much about cold, heat, or rain. Due to the light weather of Summer, you need not have to consider some factors while buying shoes that might have needed to consider during Winter. But as with any shoe, there are some basics you must always keep in mind like the fit, comfort factor, and quality. Though these basics can be easily identified when buying shoes, the major problem that many might face is actually finding a suitable shoe for summer.

Thus, to make sure you don’t spend all your free time searching for Summer fashion shoes, we have, in this article, made a list of some of the best-looking and trending summer friendly shoes available for women in the market. Now, after picking your shoe from the list below, if you are looking for a trusted vendor as well, have a look at Dream Pairs Shoes right away. They specialize in shoes for both women and kids. Having been in this field for a long time, they know exactly what their customers want. Hence, their stand-out factor is the jaw dropping looks of all their shoes, with the added benefit of top quality and affordable price.

Different Types Of Summer Friendly Shoes

With that aside, here are some of the best Summer friendly fashion shoes available for women in the market that are both good looking and trendy and will always enhance your fashion senses as long as you pair them with the right outfits.


When talking about Summer outfits and their respective shoes, sandals are the one that comes to many people’s minds. Sandals hold a reputation for being one of the most comfortable shoes available in the market. This is thanks to the large openings they provide that help expose most of your feet to fresh air and hence offer continuous air circulation. Sandals are also your best friend during your various beach tours, which are quite common during Summer when you might not want any sand sticking to your feet.


In recent years sandals are considered more of a beach or lounge shoe, and many women don’t prefer them as everyday casual purpose shoes. Thus, a perfect replacement here is the Wedges, especially the Wedge Sandals. These are nothing but heeled sandals, which provide a similar comfort level as your normal sandals. These shoes do not have the usual heels that you find in your high heels and pumps, but rather a block heel design that runs from the toe to the back your the shoe. These wedge-shaped heels not only help in providing better stability while walking but also makes sure your feet hurt less as all the weight is evenly distributed rather than being focused on a single point like your other heels. And due to this heel design of the wedge sandals, they are more suitable for casual and semi-formal occasions rather than being used as beach or lounge shoes.


If for some reason you are totally against any type of sandals but need something similar in terms of comfort that can be worn as a casual shoe, the mules are your best option. These are one of the most popular slip-on shoes available in the market. What makes them stand out is their open back design and the lack of any fastening, which makes them stylish and elegant in appearance when paired with the right outfits. Mules themselves come in a variety of options like mule sandals, mule heels, and so on.


Sneakers are known to be an all-purpose, all-season shoe. One aspect where sneakers stand out the most is their ability to be easily paired with a majority of female clothes and make you look fashionable, even if you don’t have that much knowledge about female fashion. Additionally, sneakers, no matter what will always make you look youthful, stylish, and friendlier. And due to their design, sneakers can protect your feet overall and can also help in making your feet sweat less.

High Heels

High heels are one of the very few female shoes that have placed their mark in the fashion industry. These shoes no matter what will never go out of style. High heels have evolved to become the best party shoes. Hence, if you are a party lover, high heels are a must-have. But even if you are not a party lover, high heels can accompany you during your other formal and semi-formal occasions.


High heels and pumps are very similar. Pumps, thanks to their close-toed design and plain looks make them a formal shoe on this list. They are also short-heeled as compared to high heels. These shoes go well with all office outfits for women. Hence, for all those office going women, a shoe that will always make you look classy are the pumps.

Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers for women have taken the market by storm. These shoes are gradually increasing in popularity among women and will likely not stop any time soon. Penny loafers for women look very similar to that of their male counterparts. Hence the choice of clothing is also very similar such as jeans, suits, and pants. But if you are creative enough and love the way you look, you can pair them with skirts and dresses as well.

Final Thoughts

Though all the above shoes are Summer friendly, you can also wear shoes like knee-high boots and such during this season quite comfortably. Additionally, you can also pair these shoes with outfits that you prefer, other than the few mentioned above. All that matters is that you like the way you look.