Every Australian is waiting for the summer to arrive, particularly homeowners, as they prepare for the up and coming party season. If your outdoor living space has seen better days and you’d like to make some changes, here are some innovative ideas to transform your terraced area in preparation for the summer.

Start with Shading

As we all know, shading is essential in the summertime and if your umbrellas are in need of some repair, why not invest in a retractable roofing system? This permanent shading solution is tailored to your terrace and to help you locate retractable roof systems in Melbourne, an online search will reveal the whereabouts of a local supplier. There are many different styles and with rich fabric colours and patterns, matching the existing décor is never an issue. Motorised units afford effortless adjustment and they even have sun, wind and rain sensors built in for the ultimate in hi-tech shading solutions.

Resurface the Decking

Sanding the decking, followed by re-staining and a few coats of varnish will see your terrace ready for another season. A small sandblasting machine would make short work of this (available from most plant hire firms) and the job can be done in a weekend. Timber decking is exposed to all seasons and it doesn’t take long for it to look jaded and you could even change the colour slightly, to introduce something new.

Check the Outdoor Furniture

To be realistic, you can expect to see 5 –7 years of good service from your outdoor furniture and if yours is still looking good, wash the covers and clean the frames, but if it is almost time to upgrade, now is the time to start looking at alternatives. Look for a suite that is non-corrosive and one that is easy to clean and if you are having a retractable roofing system installed, new furniture is a must.

Check Garden Fencing and Gating

Your fencing and gating can really bring down the tone of your garden if it is old and left untreated. If yours is of timber construction, consider sanding and re-varnishing, or perhaps a coat of paint. If things are a bit broken down, call in your local landscape gardener, who, for a small fee, will replace all your fencing and gating with something that will elevate the look of your outdoor area.

If you still have some spare cash, consider adding a few shrubs to brighten up the garden and let’s not forget outdoor lighting – which can really transform the area after the sun goes down – especially with LED solutions. Hanging baskets always add some colour and depth to the garden and with a few carefully selected accessories, your garden is ready for the BBQ season.

There are many fine images online of garden revamp ideas and a few hours of browsing is bound to produce results. If your shading is sorted and the decking looks good, then you have the foundation on which to build upon.