Sunny Malouf is a multi-talented singer-songwriter, dancer & actress, best known for her dynamic live performances, popular cover songs/videos, and numerous national television commercials and print campaigns.

Entertaining audiences from an early age, the 11-year-old Dallas native’s unique sound and exceptional dance skills have gained the attention of many. Under the tutelage of celebrity choreographer Sho-Tyme (Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Shakira & Mary J. Blige) and award-winning music producer Damon Sharpe (Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Desinty’s Child & Alesso), Sunny is shaping into a world-class performer and will premiere her debut original music this summer with the release of “Lightning In A Bottle.” Sunny’s next performance will be on July 31st at the BuildaBEAST Dance Expo in Los Angeles.

In her spare time, Sunny is passionate about working with organizations such as Texas Scottish Rite Hospital, Children’s Cancer Fund and many others; she frequently visits and performs for patients at Ryan Seacrest Studios (Children’s Medical Center).

Hi Sunny please tell us a little about you?

Hi, I’m eleven years old. I’ve been dancing since I was 3 and singing since I learned how to talk. I love to perform in front of a live audience and I love to visit sick children in the hospital and make them smile when they hear my music.

How did you get started singing and dancing?

My dad would show me videos of Michael Jackson and we would love to watch him perform. I thought “Man, I would love to perform in front of crowd like that and I would love to be a positive role model to all those kids like he was”.

Did you go to dancing or acting school?

Yes I took my first dance class in Dallas when I was three. It was hip hop and ballet. My first acting class was with Catherine Sullivan in Lewisville, TX and I continue to take both acting and dancing classes.

Describe your sound in 3 words?

Energetic, powerful and passionate.

Who influenced you and why did you choose to make music?

Mostly Michael Jackson influenced me in what I do. I chose to make music because it’s what I love and its what I’ve always dreamed of since I was little.

Tell us about your single “LIB”?

It’s basically about me, I’m the lightning trapped in the bottle trying to get out so everyone can get to know who I am.

Do you ever get nervous to perform?

No because when you really love something that much, your excited to express what you love.

Who is your biggest fan?

Actually my family is my biggest fan.

What type of music do you like listening to?

Mostly pop.

Tell us about the experience to work with talented people like Sho-Tyme and Damon Sharpe.

It is an amazing experience to learn from two very talented people and get to know things from different people’s experience. They are so fun to be around. There’s always positive energy going around.

Any future performances that you want to share with us?

Yes, there is. On July 31st I will be performing at the Wildabeast convention.

Who is your role model?

I have multiple role models that I look up to, including Michael Jackson & Taylor Swift.

How would you describe your fashion style?

I would describe my style as youthful, hip and different.

What are the 3 things you can’t live without?

God, family and hope.

Five years from now you will be…

In five years, I’ll be sixteen and hopefully I will be inspiring others to work hard and believe in themselves and to pursue their dreams.

If you could go open up for any artist on tour right now who would it be?

I would love to open up for Taylor Swift.

Where we can follow you?


Instagram – @SunnyMaloufMusic

Twitter – @SunnyMalouf

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Shots – @sunnymalouf

Movie: Fast & Furious 7
Song: I Can’t Feel my Face
TV Show: Full house
Food: Mashed potatoes
Travel Destination: Mexico
Sport: Basketball, and by the way my favorite basketball team is the Mavs.