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Interview with Choreographer and Producer Paul Becker

Check out our interview with Choreographer, Creative Director and Producer Paul Becker. Paul started dancing at age of 16. He was inspired to choreograph while...

Interview with alternative electronic-pop artist Sciarra

Check out our interview with alternative electronic-pop artist and songstress Sciarra. (originally from Anaheim, CA now based in Los Angeles.) Her songs received attention from...

Interview with ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” Pro Dancer Vlad Kvartin

Check out our interview with ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" Professionally trained dancer Vlad Kvartin. Vlad also competed on FOX’s hit series “So You Think...

Interview with influencer and DWTS juniors star Reese Hatala

Check out our interview with influencer and dancer Reese Hatala. Reese is best known for being one of the troupe dancers on season one of "Dancing with...

Interview with “Dancing with the Stars” dancer Kameron Couch

Check out our interview with talented Dancing with the Stars dancer Kameron Couch. Kameron is also known for her role as a “Pro” for Dancing with the...

Interview with Supervising Choreographer of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Jordi Caballero

Check out our interview with actor, musician, producer and the Supervising Choreographer of 'Dancing with the Stars' Jordi Caballero. This year, Dancing with the Stars...

Mollee Gray Interview